Strike with Force or Become a Force for Change

Should we teach children to use physical force to fight bullies when comebacks have failed? Would you be okay with your child using physical force if he needed to protect himself from harm? Are you aware that fighting back does not always stop bullies? What will you do if the school suspends your child for protecting himself? Would you fight the school’s decision? What if you ….


Yes, I saw bystanders speaking up work on “Dateline” too. Honestly, none of those children on the show had to see each other the next day. They were all from different places. My daughter did standup to bullies. That is how she became a target during the worse year of her young life. We all have to speak out and support others who do too. Fighting bullying is not a one man, a one woman, a one child, a one organization, or even a one movie or one book operation. It really does take a village. Please become part of the village.

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About Bullies: Bullies Are Human Too! 4

About Bullies: Bullies Are Humans Too!


Yes, they injure our special needs children! Yes, they hurt others too! Yes, I know the world abhors bullies, but should we? What if we offered them compassion instead? What if we worked with them to help them develop empathy for others while we work with those they hurt to help them overcome bullying?

You may wonder how I can think this way especially if you know how bullying impacted my family. Yet, that is exactly the reason I feel this way and


My School Bully Buster Recommendations 4

My School Bully Buster Recommendations

Has your child been hurt by others’ words? Did someone say something about her choice of clothes or about her ability to answer the teacher’s questions? Has she been left out or excluded from some outing or event her “friends” attended? Do others accuse her of overreacting? Just because people have always been mean to those with differences does not mean that we have to continue to empower those who are mean or make the ones they victimize feel like the guilty ones.

The Role of Words and Actions

Recently Susan Diamond wrote a post titled Tips on Teasing. My initial reaction was one of being punched in the stomach, yet I know that wasn’t Diamond’s intention…

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