Forgiveness and Gratitude


Immaculee Ilibagiza is the wonderful woman who inspired me to learn to forgive. You can learn more about her by clicking on Inspiration for Forgiveness below.

Forgiveness and gratitude posts are my way of focusing on the good in my life as I work to forgive those who hurt my precious first-born child. I truly believe we all have lessons to learn during our life, and while sometimes it feels like God is hitting me over the head to make me learn them. I know I am really the one doing the hitting. Anger consumes the person who is angry; it does not consume the person with whom that person is angry. I hope you will join me on my journey to forgiveness by focusing on the good in your life and changing your story from victim to hero.

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Inspiration for Forgiveness

Immaculee Ilibagiza is the wonderful woman who inspired me to learn to forgive.  I got the chance to hear her speak and to meet her four years ago, and I encourage any of you who have the chance to hear … Continue reading →

Forgiveness Defined and Explained: First in How to Forgive Series

Definition and Why I Still Need Help The first definition of forgive in the 2004 version of The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is: to give up resentment of. I am still learning and growing as I continue to pursue forgiveness and try … Continue reading →

Small Rant Then Second Post in How to Forgive Series

I last wrote a forgiveness post on May 15, 2011.  I started it with the first definition of forgive in the 2004 version of The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is: to give up resentment of.  The few who actually read my blog … Continue reading →

Back to How to Forgive Series

I have written several posts on forgiveness and I still believe it is important yet, recently I once again found myself stuck and reacting to hurt in ways that I know do not work.   Today, I am back on my … Continue reading →

Final Steps to Learning How to Forgive

The final steps to forgiveness from Dr. Luskin’s book Forgive for Good begin with recognizing what he calls the unenforceable rules of wishes and hopes.  This is what I fail victim to recently when I got upset about something that was out … Continue reading →

Social Media and the Dreaded Question: What If I Am the One Who Is Wrong?

Have you ever responded to someone on Facebook and then asked yourself this question? Have you ever unfriended someone because of something they said or did on Facebook or another form of social media? So, what if … Continue reading →

Finding My Peace Through Forgiveness

Yes, I already did my Bloggers for Peace this month, but then I saw Pam Tanzey’s post about Everyday Gurus’ Peace Challenge and I had to join. Click on all three links to learn more and please share mine and theirs. You can also go to Kozo and Cheri’s site to see more bloggers for peace posts … Continue reading →

Group Set Aside Days for Forgiveness and Today Is One of Those Days

Do you have someone you need to forgive? You already know I do if you have looked at my Forgiveness and Gratitude page at the top of my blog. And, what better day to forgive or at least to work on … Continue reading →

Project Gratitude and Joining the Oxygen Mask Project

I joined project gratitude last January and I am still grateful for many things including the fact that I can visit this beautiful place as often as I want. This year I have been posting less and my posts have … Continue reading →

Gratitude for a Perfect Day

I am moving forward and taking positive steps to get back on track. I am taking time to continue rehabbing my back from an injury I sustained in May. I am supporting my daughter as she works towards overcoming the past … Continue reading →

Still Working on Forgiveness and Emotional Healing

I did not plan to do a post today, but I find I need to write. Yesterday was all about fun. Still, in the mist of having a good time with good friends, my anger about the bullying surfaced. I saw … Continue reading

Unlike Life, Fiction Makes Forgiveness Look Easy

I love fiction because you can write things the way you wish they were.  You can create as much support as you wish were available for families struggling to understand a child’s differences.  Fiction also allows the child with autism spectrum to be … Continue reading

The Importance of Forgiveness

I truly believe if we remain angry, we risk becoming the bullies as mentioned in my previous blog, about the emotional scars of bullying.  Over the past two weeks, there have been many posts over the internet about how people believe kids … Continue reading →

For Me, It Really Is about Forgiveness

I agree with Don Henley’s song, “The Heart of the Matter.” The Mayo Clinic even agrees although in different words. You will find a total of 154 references to forgiveness, if you go to search their site. It is even … Continue reading →

Gratitude for Supportive Family and Friends

This past week I have not felt as grateful as I normally do for personal reasons.   Today I am grateful for my family and my blogging friends who reached out to offer support.  I am also grateful for the blue lights that many … Continue reading →

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Last year I posted about a family tradition at our house of going around the table and telling each other the things that make us thankful. There are things I had hoped for this year that have not turned out … Continue reading →

Enormous Gratitude

Today I am grateful that Steve Jobs saw his and others’ differences as a good thing and chose to be vocal about his insights. I hope others will remember his example and realize that those with differences really are the … Continue reading →

Lessons Learned From Riding Horses

Today I am combining Word Press’ Post A Day suggestions with another blogger’s challenge, Riding the Roller Coaster: Project Gratitude.  You can view her post for the details.   Day 6 of Gratitude Project: I am grateful for the lessons my … Continue reading →

Update on Forgiveness

My last post about forgiveness brought a wonderful blogging friend into my life, Lisa at Karma Per Diem, read it here.  I am doing an update because I still believe forgiveness is an important part of healing from bullying or … Continue reading →