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D. S. Walker, author of Delightfully Different.

D. S. Walker, author of Delightfully Different.

Kirkus Review,

“Ben Long, a successful Hawaiian pediatrician, and his wife Francesca have high hopes for their first child…born with Asperger’s syndrome, a mild, often undiagnosed variant of autism…Walker does a remarkable job illuminating Mia’s offbeat perspective from within; she makes it more a personality than an affliction. The book’s advocacy impulses occasionally overheat, as when Francesca goes ballistic over an incident in which mean girls tease Mia at school…Walker dispels much of the mystery of Asperger’s kids while revealing the richness and promise of their lives.

A poignant and enlightening coming-of-age saga.”

Special Needs Book Review said:

….While all the characters in her book exist only in the author’s imagination, Walker’s novel, Delightfully Different, brings them so well to life that any parent, teacher, or….Read More

Interview by Special Needs Book Review

We have two” firsts” for our Author Interview Series; an interview with our first author living in Honolulu, Hawaii and the review of my first novel.

Delightfully Different is an award-winning YA novel. It received Regional Youth/West Pacific and Regional Teen/YA West Pacific Bronze Award along with a Blue Seal of Approval in the Spiritual/Inspirational Category from Young Voices Foundation.

D.S. Walker found a delightfully different approach to portray the struggles of a young girl and those of her family arising from raising a child with special needs. Mia, the daughter, is finally diagnosed with sensory sensitivity with Asperger’s traits. What prepared D.S. Walker to write this novel? Let’s see….Read More

Davenport Dialogues said:

Much more than fiction, an award-winning educational novel aimed at 9-12 YA readers. But adults should read it too….This is a lovely work of fiction that also educates, and tells the truth…Read More

Bobbi Sheahan said: 

I read this book in one night! I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend it for: young people, especially those on the autism spectrum, those who know someone on the autism spectrum, those who are bullied (for any reason), bullies, recovering bullies, teachers, parents….okay, pretty much everybody….Read More

Floortime Lite Mama said:

Delightfully different is a charming story about Francesca Lung and her daughter Mia.

The narrative alternates between their voices.

Mia is a very bright and loving girl. Mia’s description of how she perceived her early life are especially interesting to me as her personality reminded me a lot of my own son- ( the close bond to mom, the different anxieties )….Read More

Kim Wombles, who blogged at Countering and is one of the co-founders of Autism Blogs Directory, said:

It’s an interesting short novel, told from both Mia and her mom’s perspective and covers a span of more than two decades and ends on the happy note of Mia going to Julliard. It was an enjoyable way to spend the morning…


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