Be the Change You Want! 2

The covers have to come off in the morning, the head must avoid the sand, the lips must speak up for change to happen. Help prevent those stories you refuse to read. Real change requires full participation! Support others who are trying to make a difference.

This includes Michele Borba, who I am proud to call my Twitter friend and hero! She wrote an excellent post on what to do if your teen is cyberbullied! FYI the video is an overview of her book and is used here with her permission. Watch and you will see why she is my hero!

Be kind, respectful, forgiving and supportive of all people. Teach your children with your words and with your deeds. Join in the discussions of ways to help! Truly, this is the only option for real change. Please realize this and join me in helping to make a difference. Our children are our future and they deserve our full support!


  1. Yes, yes and yes again! Elie Weisel in 1999 said “In the place that I come from, society was composed of three simple categories: the killers, the victims, and the bystanders.” The theme of his speech was “the perils of indifference”….and of course focused on people’s ability to close their eyes to inhumanity.
    We should, of course, teach our children that bullying and stigmatization of people is evil; we should, of course, provide victims with the courage to speak out. Above all, our children MUST learn that they can never by bystanders, be people who are indifferent to the suffering of others. Every act of bullying, stigmatization and cruelty is witnessed by a larger population than the bullies and the victims. Indifference can never, never be allowed again in history. Our children and we, adults, can never be bystanders….this is change, this is involvement.
    Thank you for contributing to this change and speaking out loudly!

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