Kindness: It Matters

I believe in the power of kindness. How about you?

Bidding You Aloha but Not Goodbye

Aloha Is More Than a Word. You hear it frequently in Hawaii, but it is so much more than just a word we use. Yes, people use it as a greeting or to say goodbye too, but not when we talk about spreading aloha. Aloha is a way of life many strive to reach. It involves showing kindness, compassion, and empathy to others in big and small ways. It is about showing love and respect. I believe in spreading aloha, and I cannot honestly say that my blogging has been an effective tool for doing so. Finding … READ MORE

Mele Kalikimaka and Hauoli Makahiki Hou

From the land where palm trees sway, I want to share with you my dream for the future, as I wish each of you much peace and joy during the holiday season and throughout the coming year.  I hope and pray 2011 is a year of change, where people make an honest effort to be more open-minded and really try to educate themselves about differences by reading books like Delightfully Different or similar stories that explain autism spectrum and/ or other differences.  Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream and so do I. READ MORE

My Christmas Wish: Sweeter People and More Joy and Understanding

I purposefully avoided posting this past week.  My meeting with the new administrator of the former school was disappointing although I was proud of how I handled myself. I wonder if he can say the same. I lost hope in ever getting through to anyone at the school because this man is known for implementing an empathy program at his former school yet, I did not feel any compassion from him. Still, I know there are good people in this world and my children are safe.  They are both amazing and kind despite the world … READ MORE

Kindness, Compassion, and Support Are What the World Needs Now

November 13, 1012 is World Kindness Day, a day designated to realize the need for more compassion and kindness. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone observed it and really was kind for one full day? Yes, I am a dreamer, but like John Lennon, I am not the only one. I still believe in the goodness of humanity despite evidence to the contrary. I still dream of a kinder world, and that is why I think it is essential that we teach children how to be kind and how to recognize the difference between kindness and … READ MORE

Mahalo Nui Loa for Support

I need to focus on gratitude today. I am grateful for any and all who interact on Twitter, who one plus my Google posts, who like and share my posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  I’ll always be grateful to those of you who have reached out over the past two years, especially to those who still do, and to those who reached out to M. too. I’m grateful for new followers. And, I am grateful so many are now speaking out about the need for more kindness, understanding, and acceptance of differences in this … READ MORE