Blog Comment and Sharing Policy

I reopened comments, but only for new posts since most spam seems to be attached to my older posts and image links. I still welcome likes if you prefer not to comment.

I hope you will share the posts on this blog, but I ask that you only share the first few sentences, and that you link to the post. All of the posts on this blog except for Guest, Reblogged and Featured posts are ©DelightfullyDifferentLife.

Most of the photos used on this blog are my personal photos and they are ©DelightfullyDifferentLife or © The exceptions are photos I received from the authors of guest posts, ones that I purchased either individually or as a clip art collection, as part of Swift Publisher 3, as part of Martha Stewart Craft Studio, as part of Picture Collage Maker, or that I have permission to use as part of my Microsoft Office individual license. Please do not use my photos in your posts. This is stealing.

You may pin my photos to Pinterest as long as they have a link to the original posts. I also ask that you avoid putting your website address on the pins from this blog since some of the pins use Microsoft Office clip art and these may not be used to sell services.

Guest, Reblogged and Featured posts still require links to the original work whether the original work resides on this blog or on the author’s. They also require the approval of the author. That means if I linked to someone else’s post, you must link to their original post not mine. Please be respectful and abide by these rules.