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Playing or Bullying: It Can Be a Matter of Perspective

Some schools are trying to teach empathy which I applaud. However, all of society has to work to make our world a kinder place for everyone. This includes, the teachers, the administrators, the parents, and all of the students. It also includes everyone else in society. America’s recent election certainly pointed out that adults need to grow up and be kinder too. Until we do we cannot expect our children to understand that mistreating others is wrong.

I have been supportive of bully prevention programs. Yet, some do not seem to be going far enough.

There are schools that are too afraid of being sued or of hurting their reputation to admit their part in the failures. I live for the day when schools help those who are bullied to recover by offering them a sincere apology. I dream of the day when they finally realize that they need to truly change the school climate including educating teachers by talking about ways they unknowingly contributed to the school climate. It makes sense to me that learning from mistakes helps us avoid future ones.

I hope you will click on the links to some of my bullying posts below for more information about bullying and some ways that might help prevent and stop it. For more information you can also click on my Special-Ism Posts from the menu at the top of this blog.

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Input and Support Needed
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The Effects of Bullying: Robert’s Story
Join me in welcoming Robert to my first “Effects of Bullying Series.”

Robert’s Story:

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Accountability for Protecting Our Children

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Still Hoping for the Times to Change

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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of Media Use

Media provides so many good things especially for special needs children.  It offers educational programs, a means for those without a voice to have one, and a place to stay in touch with far away family and friends.  It also provides support from others around the world. This is the good.

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Inspiring Man and Movie

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