Social Media and the Dreaded Question: What If I Am the One Who Is Wrong? 2

ci_78ca29e0-b2ec-475b-8122-e38d027371baHave you ever responded to someone on Facebook and then asked yourself this question? Have you ever unfriended someone because of something they said or did on Facebook or another form of social media? So, what if I am wrong?

This past week has had me asking these questions. The problem is I honestly don’t know. I am positive that others misjudge me sometimes based on things I’ve said or done on social media including posts on this blog. I know I have even been misjudged based on my novel. Therefore, isn’t it equally possible for me to jump to similar conclusions about others?

Of course it is. Facebook has never been my favorite for just this reason. Twitter is more my style. Somehow for me anyway, it is harder to get in trouble in those 140 characters. Maybe it is because few words make for fewer mistakes. I’m not sure.

I fully understand how young people can get into trouble on Facebook. Facebook seems to thrive on controversy more than any other social media. It is almost encouraged. Then add in the fact that unlike face to face interactions, we have no way of perceiving the person’s emotions or intention.

To any and all I have misjudged or who have misjudged me, I extend the olive branch of forgiveness.


  1. I think you’re very right about treading carefully on Facebook. Especially when they pick and choose (beyond your doing) to hold on to some posts longer than others and give false emphasis.

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