Update on Forgiveness 8

Lifes-Journey-Copy.jpg ©Delightfully Different LifeMy last post about forgiveness brought a wonderful blogging friend into my life, Lisa at Karma Per Diem, read it here.  I am doing an update because I still believe forgiveness is an important part of healing from bullying or any injury from others.  Today I found a wonderful detailed explanation of forgiveness from several religious views at New World Encyclopedia which you can click on below:

Forgiveness – New World Encyclopedia

I found a video about forgiveness too; however, I could not verify the copyright status.  Therefore you will need to click on the link below to view it:

YouTube – Forgiveness and the Freedom of Letting go.

I welcome your views on the topic.  Have you found healing through forgiving someone?


    • Lisa,
      That is okay as I am too although I do work to forgive. I wish I could say it is easy, but I haven’t reached the point where it always is yet.

  1. Hi DS! I have always seen forgiveness not as saying what the person did was okay, but as letting go of the anger we hold towards him or her for having done it. Holding on to anger only keeps us bound. So I am big on forgiveness too. Besides, I make so many mistakes in life that require forgiving that I have no business holding onto anyone else. 🙂

    • I am so glad to see you here as I noticed there were no new posts on your blog, and I was worried about you. I knew you would agree. Don’t we all make mistakes! I have certainly made my share over my lifetime. I think that is part of living, but as long as we learn from them, they can be a good thing too.

  2. Forgiveness is such an important topic. Reading through some of the descriptions of how different religious traditions define it is very eye-opening. Coming from a protestant Christian background, I definitely see forgiving others as a spiritual responsibility that also gives me freedom and peace, but I think it is good to understand that other people may be coming from a different mindset.

    BTW, I loved your article at the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism – it was great!!

  3. They say, “Time heal all wounds.” That may be true but it is not complete.
    True healing comes from closure. Time does not bring closure like forgiveness does. And without closure, no one can really move forward completely.

    Forgiveness is hard. I struggle with it, but I’m an optimist at heart and I look forward to a happy future. If ‘happy future’ means wholehearted forgiveness right now, then I’m right on it. It will be a struggle but like I said I care more for a ‘happy future’. Most of the time, the act of forgiveness is acceptance and letting go.

      • AM,
        I agree it is good to see other’s perspectives. I’m glad you enjoyed my article, but it was at “Help! S-O-S for Parents” not “Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism” although that is also an excellent sight for information.

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