Honoring Becoming a Writer: BBQ (Big Beautiful Blog Quotations) 4

After morning rainfallBeautiful Blog Quotation—BBQ was started by Kozo at Everyday Gurus. It is a way to honor other bloggers who inspire us with their writing and to quote something they said that touched our hearts and/ or inspired us.

EJ at Becoming a Writer wrote a post for Bloggers for Peace in November that definitely struck a chord for me.

EJ notes:

Nevertheless, hating my emotions is about as useful as hating my freckles, or hating my ear lobes.

I am learning to channel those fearful, doubting thoughts – and to value them. Without them, in a strange way, I’d never have written anything. Emotions are what make writers write, or painters paint, or singers sing.

I certainly would not have written my first novel without being pushed by my emotions. So ______ and ______, I forgive you and continue to pray for true healing for all involved. Mahalo for making my longtime dream of writing a novel come true, and mahalo for helping M. to finish songs she began writing long ago.

Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Bare (My Heart and Soul) 4

If any ambitious man have a fancy to revolutionize, at one effort, the universal world of human thought, human opinion, and human sentiment, the opportunity is his own — the road to immortal renown lies straight, open, and unencumbered before him. All that he has to do is to write and publish a very little book. Its title should be simple — a few plain words — “My Heart Laid Bare.” But — this little book must be true to its title. —- Edgar Allen Poe 

Edgar Allen Poe was on the mark with this quote.

I think any author motivated to change the world bares her heart and soul.

I think any author motivated to change the world bares her heart and soul.

I know I bared my soul when I wrote my novel. Still, I took liberties in writing the pat happy ending because my muse deserves that ending, and I wrote to inspire more kindness and understanding in the world. Real life is of course more complex.

You need so much energy and encouragement to write that if someone says something negative, some of that energy goes. ---- Joyce Carol Oates

You need so much energy and encouragement to write that if someone says something negative, some of that energy goes. —- Joyce Carol Oates

Yet, Joyce Carol Oates was brave enough to use the title, My Heart Laid Bare and like Edgar Allen Poe she tells the dark sides in her stories. Apparently this works well for her. People are still talking about My Heart Laid Bare on Goodreads.

You can go to Ese’s Voice to see more photos and quotes related to bare and to learn how you can join her challenge. 

I’m curious. Do you bare your heart and soul?

Sun-kissed Beaches, Turquoise and Aquamarine Water, and Cool Ocean Breezes: Just Another Day at the Beach

The Final Chapter of "No U Turns in Life."

The Final Chapter of “No U Turns in Life.”

Mia seems so confident paddling towards the shore that it makes me smile. I bet no one would ever have guessed that she had been through hell and back seven years ago or that I went through hell with her. Now, I cannot imagine how I could ever have thought she hated me or how much I wished I was an only child. God blessed me with the best sister.

I felt salty water splashed in my face as I yelled, “Whatcha do that for?”

Aukai laughingly asks, “Are you daydreaming man?”

“What? No, why?” I asked as I wiped my face with my arm and felt the water lapping at my legs and fingers. Yes, I had indeed been daydreaming about another time and place.

“I was talking to you about our plans for tonight.”

“I thought we were going to pick up the girls and go to the mall.”

“Yeah, but I was thinking about what we are going to eat. It might be nice to get Hawaiian Food tonight. Whatcha think bro?”

I laughed as I said, “I think something’s never change. You’re still always thinking about food, but sure I’m down with it.”

“What were you daydreaming about anyhow?”

“Nothing much, just realizing my sister is going away soon. I’m really gonna miss her.”

“I remember when you didn’t feel that way.”

“Me too, but that wasn’t her fault.”

“I guess… I know you two are close.”

“She isn’t just my sister. She’s my confident and without her I never would have had to courage to ask Shelly out.”

“I guess there are advantages to having a big sister. See, I told you all those years ago that you were lucky to have a sister instead of a brother.”

“Yes, I am. Hey look I see my ride,” I said as the perfect wave headed our way.

I jumped to my feet and got in position for the final ride of the day.

Aukai yelled, “Okay, I’ll catch the next one,” as I grabbed the wave and headed towards shore.

I felt the wind on my face and the splash of the ocean on my legs as I waved at Mia pulling her board to shore. I hope she remembered that Aukai and I needed a ride home.

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