Guide Me in Prayer 1

My Prayer Journal

My Prayer Journal

In November of 2011, I shared a post, Awaiting Answers to Prayers, during a low point. I know God heard and answered that prayer, and I am so grateful for the way he answered. A delightfully different angel helped return love and joy to my family. Yet, I am still working on forgiving others and trying to be as kind as I want the world to be. That is why I feel compelled to share today’s prayer with you.

Dear God,

Please help me to forgive easily,

To be kind and to reward others’ kindness,

To see the world through eyes of love,

To share joy,

And to always be grateful for the journey of life.


Beautiful Blog Quotation: BBQ Love for Kindness Blog 5

Kindness Blog is a relatively new blog established in April of 2013. The welcome note states,

“Just as the name suggests, this blog shares content featuring kindness in all its varied forms. Ranging from the simplest acts of charity performed out of sight, through to the grand gestures of kindness delivered on a larger scale, we are regularly publishing photos, videos, true-life-stories, personal reflections, poems, quotes and other various media that all have one special thing in common…KINDNESS :)”

Obviously, a blog that promotes sharing kindness needs to be promoted so I’m giving a taste of Kozo’s at Everyday Gurus BBQLUV by quoting them because I am grateful for all acts of kindness and that includes those who celebrate others for being kind. And no the welcome page is not the quote. This is:

Clearly they understand aloha.

Clearly they understand aloha.