Beautiful Blog Quotation: BBQ Love for Kindness Blog 5

Kindness Blog is a relatively new blog established in April of 2013. The welcome note states,

“Just as the name suggests, this blog shares content featuring kindness in all its varied forms. Ranging from the simplest acts of charity performed out of sight, through to the grand gestures of kindness delivered on a larger scale, we are regularly publishing photos, videos, true-life-stories, personal reflections, poems, quotes and other various media that all have one special thing in common…KINDNESS :)”

Obviously, a blog that promotes sharing kindness needs to be promoted so I’m giving a taste of Kozo’s at Everyday Gurus BBQLUV by quoting them because I am grateful for all acts of kindness and that includes those who celebrate others for being kind. And no the welcome page is not the quote. This is:

Clearly they understand aloha.

Clearly they understand aloha.

Bloggers for Peace and May’s Monthly Challenge: Art Thou Peaceful? 4

Created by Kozo at Everyday Gurus for Bloggers for Peace.

Created by Kozo at Everyday Gurus for Bloggers for Peace.

Yes, I am aware that it is no longer May where many of you live, but it still is May in Hawaii. Tracy at FEC-This reminded me that I need to do this post when I saw her post earlier today.

You can learn more about this challenge by reading Kozo’s post at Everyday Gurus where the challenge originated and from there you can also click on the Links to see others

I photographed this peaceful piece of art at Kapìolani Community College. The trio of stacked stones or pohaku was created as a symbol of direction to inspire, guide, and embody the spirit of Hawaii or the aloha spirit.

Pohaku O Le'ahi created by Lucille Baldwin Cooper

Pohaku O Le’ahi created by Lucille Baldwin Cooper

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture 4

This week’s photo challenge had me exploring major emotions. Why?

First, my culture is not one culture. I live in a multicultural state and my family is bicultural. The culture where I grew up certainly influences me still. Sometimes the culture of my past clashes with where I am now. The biggest clash is related to religion. Religion is a big part of culture when you grow up in a rural community in the southern part of the United States.

I still have great faith in the Holy Trinity which is largely influenced by my childhood, but I also have come to admire religious leaders of other faiths. I believe there is more than one path to God.

Rabbi Albert L. Lewis said, “Why Tree’s….Why not one prefect tree for the whole earth?” He went on to explain there are oaks and elms, etc. Then he said, “Many trees, the branches all leading to God.” He explained that hate is wrongly engaged in the name of religion for all religions teach, “Honor thy neighbor!”

I love what HH the 14th Dalai Lama said about different religions, “I always believe that it is much better to have a variety of religions, a variety of philosophies, rather than one single religion or philosophy. This is necessary because of the different mental dispositions of each human being. Each religion has certain unique ideas or techniques, and learning about them can only enrich one’s own faith.”

I certainly do not think it is my place to tell you what your path should be. I know Jesus preached love and understanding. I believe that religion is a very personal thing. I think it is important to cultivate a spirit of aloha for all.

Bidding You Aloha but Not Goodbye 6

Aloha Is More Than a Word

You hear it frequently in Hawaii, but it is so much more than just a word we use. People use it as a greeting or to say goodbye, but not when we talk about spreading aloha. Aloha is a way of life many strive to reach. It involves showing kindness, compassion, and empathy to others in big and small ways. It is about showing love and respect.

I believe in spreading aloha, and I cannot honestly say that my blogging has been an effective tool for doing so. That is why the focus of this blog has changed.

Located at the dock where visitors were greeted with Aloha prior to the airport opening.

Aloha Tower. Located at the dock where visitors were greeted with aloha prior to the airport opening.

Finding a Place for Aloha

I find I need to be present more in life. I have learned so much during my twenty-eight months of blogging, and I am grateful for my followers and the handful of people who have continued to read and share my posts. Yet, I know so many others who are more effective.

This is why I have decided to decrease my presence in the autism and anti-bullying on-line communities and concentrate on spreading more aloha. The blog will remain open for any who want to read prior posts including prior guest posts. I will use it for sharing photos and positive quotes and the occasional update on Cal’s story.

Showing Aloha to Others

I will continue to share posts on Twitter. I will no longer be writing for them, but I believe there is still a need for their on-line magazine, and I still support their work. Look for positive posts by others there too.

Hopefully, I will find time to finish my second novel, where Mia’s brother, Cal will be living aloha by helping others to change while supporting those with differences.

With aloha,