Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy (Wishing You a Joyful New Year!) 4

The holidays are truly a joyful time for us. We are grateful for all of our wonderful friends and family and the moments they share with us. We are especially grateful that our newest family member, Pepper, is a good sport and allowed the Santa hat to stay on for photos. We also are grateful that our Golden makes friends easily and readily accepted his new brother.

This week the Word Press Photo Challenge is joy. Michelle W. notes:

Whether or not you celebrate a winter holiday, the years’ end is a perfect time to look back at the year-that-was and happily forward to the year-that-will-be. A time of renewal, celebration, and joy.

This week, let’s set ourselves up for a happy new year: share a photo that shows us JOY.

I hope all of you are having a joyful holiday season and have a very Happy New Year. I can’t wait to see what brings you joy. Click on the link above to find other joyful photos.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand 7

For the weekly photo challenge, Cheri Lucas Rowlands wants us to show our interpretation of grand.

Someone had shaved our Keeshond before we adopted him four weeks ago and initially he was not happy when I pointed the camera at him. With love, frequent grooming, and a better diet including fish oils, his fur is growing back. Do you see how happy he is this week? He is even showing his silly side. His paw is better too with short walks and a glucosamine supplement. My Golden and I think that is grand; don’t you?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected 9

What's this?

What’s this?

My Golden did not expect to see an angel in his yard since he wasn’t outside when I placed it there.

Adopted this guy 2 weeks ago.

Unexpectedly adopted this guy 2 weeks ago.

Finding this Keeshond at the Hawaiian Humane Society was an unexpected joy. They normally only have Pit Bull or Terrier mixed breeds. There are no Keeshond breeders on the island either. He was found wandering in a business area. They took him to the Humane Society after no one claimed him.  I have checked Internet sites to see if anyone is looking for him and so far no one appears to be.

The day before we adopted him is the first time I have been on their site since our Corgi died. I did not feel we were ready for another dog yet, but something made me check the site anyway.

Finding the Keeshond’s picture and information touched my heart. I quickly phoned my husband to convince him.

After leaving a message asking if the dog was still available on the Humane Society’s voicemail, I took my Golden outside where a rainbow appeared over my Corgi’s burial site. I took it as a sign that he blessed my decision.

A voicemail the next morning revealed that the Keeshond was at a pet store site for the day. I called the store to make sure no one had adopted him, and we loaded our Golden into the car to go meet our latest addition.

My Golden his happy that the Keeshond is not interested in his ball.

My Golden is happy that the Keeshond is not interested in his ball.

Maybe our angel sent him because after all:

I brought this ornament for our corgi's first Christmas.

I brought this ornament for our Corgi’s first Christmas.

Now he is a real angel.

Now he is a real angel.

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