When Angels Cry (Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective) 2

When Angels Cry
When Angels Cry

Yes, I’ve finally learned
That love is just a four letter word
Hope is a four letter word. — Janis Ian

It’s the last line of Janis Ian’s song, “When Angels Cry.

When I was trying to decide what to photograph for this week’s WordPress photo challenge, the glimmer of the angel’s tear caught my eye. She watches over the grave of our Welsh Corgi, our true angel. I know he would not want to cause tears unless they were tears of joy.

That is why I spent time looking for songs about angels crying until I found the perfect one to go with this photo. During the process I found other songs about angels crying that I also liked including:

  1. Doro’s Even Angels Cry
  2. Jars of Clay’s song by the same name, Even Angels Cry
  3. Mariah Carey’s Angels Cry

All four songs are excellent, but Janis Ian’s song spoke to me for the purpose of this post because it really describes our angel.

Although I do believe angels can cry, this angel’s tears were simply raindrops as you can see in the second photo below.

Not tears.

Raindrops, not tears.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected 9

What's this?

What’s this?

My Golden did not expect to see an angel in his yard since he wasn’t outside when I placed it there.

Adopted this guy 2 weeks ago.

Unexpectedly adopted this guy 2 weeks ago.

Finding this Keeshond at the Hawaiian Humane Society was an unexpected joy. They normally only have Pit Bull or Terrier mixed breeds. There are no Keeshond breeders on the island either. He was found wandering in a business area. They took him to the Humane Society after no one claimed him.  I have checked Internet sites to see if anyone is looking for him and so far no one appears to be.

The day before we adopted him is the first time I have been on their site since our Corgi died. I did not feel we were ready for another dog yet, but something made me check the site anyway.

Finding the Keeshond’s picture and information touched my heart. I quickly phoned my husband to convince him.

After leaving a message asking if the dog was still available on the Humane Society’s voicemail, I took my Golden outside where a rainbow appeared over my Corgi’s burial site. I took it as a sign that he blessed my decision.

A voicemail the next morning revealed that the Keeshond was at a pet store site for the day. I called the store to make sure no one had adopted him, and we loaded our Golden into the car to go meet our latest addition.

My Golden his happy that the Keeshond is not interested in his ball.

My Golden is happy that the Keeshond is not interested in his ball.

Maybe our angel sent him because after all:

I brought this ornament for our corgi's first Christmas.

I brought this ornament for our Corgi’s first Christmas.

Now he is a real angel.

Now he is a real angel.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus (This Week I’m Focusing on Love) 3

When someone we love dies it is easy to focus on our loss and dwell in sadness, but my Corgi was such an inspiration that I find I have to focus on love instead. He saw my daughter through loving eyes and understood her long before we did. He loved all of us even when we failed to understand him and initially labeled him as a problem puppy. He loved the animal behaviorist who helped us to understand him better too. He also loved the dog groomer who was so gentle with him, the pet sitters who forgave him when he nipped one of them, and his veterinarian who helped ease his pain as his body began to fail him. He smiled through his pain and it was only when he thought no one was looking or when someone touched his backside that his pain truly showed. He had more dignity and grace than most people and we’ll never stop loving him and remembering his love for us.

I’m grateful for the eleven years and nine months of his life that he shared with us.


This week Cheri Lucus Rowlands’ photo challenge is inspired by Matthew George’s post on focus for Photography 101.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change 5

Change always reminds me of the old Bob Dylan song: “The times they are a changin.”

This is true for everyone even our cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He was an adorable floppy eared puppy when we brought him home; then his ears perked up and became pointed.

Now he is an old dog with a possible spinal tumor, but he still has heart and so far acupuncture is helping his pain. I hope it continues to help because I can’t imagine life without him. He is my children’s first puppy and he brought one of my friends into my life when he was still a hardheaded puppy. I’ll always be grateful to him for all of the love and joy he has given this family.

Cute Corgi

When our cute Corgi joined our family.


A few weeks later his ears are no longer floppy.

His Pooh Pose. Very Zen.

Gait a little less steady.

Gait a little less steady.

Still Regal.

Still Regal.

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