Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit (Mine) 5

This week, Michelle W. requests that you show us something that’s a HABIT. If could be your daily walk to the bus stop, or your daily paper lying on the doorstep. Maybe it’s the guy behind the counter at the deli you always visit for lunch, the stuffed bunny your child must have at bedtime, or the view from your desk as you sit down to blog.

Capture a moment both constant and fleeting. We look forward to the glimpses into your everyday. Don’t forget to link your post to the weekly photo challenge and to click on the link to see what others are posting.

A rooster crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he’ll never crow. I have seen the light and I’m crowing. – Muhammad Ali.

Today I’m grateful for my camera, for my walking buddy, for the rooster, and for light.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea (It Has a Whole Different Meaning When You Live on a Island) 9

Sara Rosso asked us to share what sea means to us in this week’s photo challenge.

I still remember the first time I visited the beach. I was seven and my family drove from our small town near Macon, Georgia down to Florida to watch the launch of Gemini V. The original takeoff was delayed and the rescheduled takeoff fell during our planned trip to Florida for our family vacation.

It was the longest trip of my young life and I’m sure I was exhausted when we stopped to get milk and cold cereal for breakfast so we could eat quickly the next morning. I can imagine all the times my dad must have heard, “Are we there yet?”

Our final stop before checking into the motel was for boiled shrimp that we ate in our motel room before getting ready for bed and falling fast asleep. I am sure that my brothers and I wanted to sleep longer the next morning, but we did not give our parents any hassle about getting up before dawn to drive to a crowded beach where we waited for takeoff.

The funny thing is that I don’t really remember much about the beach, but I do remember seeing the pencil shaped object rising into the sky and being thrilled to be one of the lucky ones on that beach.

Yet, my first real memory of the beach was later when we drove to a different motel further north at Ormond Beach and then got to spend a few days playing in the Atlantic Ocean. I clearly remember how much fun I was having riding an inflatable air mattress into shore until a wave dragged me under and I came up coughing and not sure I wanted to go again. Still, I managed to overcome that first taste of salt water and go back to riding the waves until the inflatable air mattress began to leak. What fun!

Yet, today I think differently when I think of the sea. It’s amazing how being a grown-up and living on an island changes your views especially when you have a friend who is a stevedore. And when you’ve had to learn to stock up on toilet paper at the threat of a longshoremen strike or to allow extra time for things that you order to arrive or to accept that you have to pay more for things because it costs to ship them here.

I think of all of the people who work in and around the sea.

I think of all of the people who work in and around the sea.

I’m also keenly aware of how many people on Oahu work in sea driven jobs including fishing, tour groups that provide expertise in various ocean skills like diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, parasailing, or working on cruise ships, etc.

The touristy stuff.

I don’t want you to think locals don’t know how to enjoy the sea too.

Point Panic is a favorite surfer and body surfer spot for locals.

Point Panic is a favorite surfer and body surfer spot for locals.

Me? Like this guy, I prefer to watch from the wall or maybe walk along the beach or go on a whale watching tour.

Such a pretty cat.

Such a pretty cat.

I’m so grateful to live in Hawaii.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus (This Week I’m Focusing on Love) 3

When someone we love dies it is easy to focus on our loss and dwell in sadness, but my Corgi was such an inspiration that I find I have to focus on love instead. He saw my daughter through loving eyes and understood her long before we did. He loved all of us even when we failed to understand him and initially labeled him as a problem puppy. He loved the animal behaviorist who helped us to understand him better too. He also loved the dog groomer who was so gentle with him, the pet sitters who forgave him when he nipped one of them, and his veterinarian who helped ease his pain as his body began to fail him. He smiled through his pain and it was only when he thought no one was looking or when someone touched his backside that his pain truly showed. He had more dignity and grace than most people and we’ll never stop loving him and remembering his love for us.

I’m grateful for the eleven years and nine months of his life that he shared with us.


This week Cheri Lucus Rowlands’ photo challenge is inspired by Matthew George’s post on focus for Photography 101.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable Object or Friend 3

This week’s photo challenge is brought to us by Michelle W. who asks that we share a picture of a companion and explain why we chose that picture. You can read more about it and check out others’ posts by clicking on the link.

Two of my favorite companions are my dogs and I’m grateful for both of them. I did a prior post about my Corgi, so today I’m focusing on my Golden and his favorite companion and no, it’s not me although I know he loves all of his human family and his pet siblings too.