A New Way of Teaching (And Learning) 2

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A New Way of Teaching (And Learning)

Yay! The new headmaster is bringing change!

Glad they are seeing the light, although I would not call them the leader for teaching empathy. They are not the first school on this island to understand the need for change, nor are they the first nationally. Still it is nice that the new headmaster has experience with the importance of empathy, and I do wish him much success as he implements these changes!

I am grateful for every person and school that finally gets it!


  1. I am really happy for you…change in institutions is a usually long and laborious process as there are many forces at work, not all of them help. It is positive that it appears that institutional inertia gives way to a humane view of our most vulnerable kids. Keep up the positive and encouraging work…it ain’t an easy road!

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