Bringing It All Together 9

This year I am scaling back. I will continue to be on Twitter and I will continue to post my blogs to Facebook. However, I need more time to take care of my health, to spend with my family and to work on my second novel, and I need to focus more on forgiveness and gratitude.

I am not giving up on my dreams for acceptance of differences and bully free schools. I will address the tough issues on this blog by bringing you stories of those who are helping, rather than the sad stories that the news media uses to hype up your emotions for a day or two. I also hope to do some presentations and to exhibit at some local venues this year.

I will be adding a couple of new pages to my blog, one for featured stories and one for my progress on my next novel, a topic I started addressing on my second blog. Maintaining two blogs is not working, so I plan to move my posts from my second blog to this blog.

Mahalo for your continued support as I make these changes.


    • I will and I am glad you are too. I love your posts and I plan to stop by for positive inspiration more often this year. Happy New Year to you too!

  1. Good luck on the transition. Maybe it’s just my technical inexpertise talking, but combining two blogs sounds like more work than maintaining two blogs.

    As always, anything I can do to help…
    And my offer for a guest post still stands, when you’re ready.
    🙂 Good luck!

    • Stephanie,
      I know having more than one blog has worked well for you. It hasn’t worked well for me. I think this will work better. I am still evaluating your long FB message, and I will respond soon. Right now my first focus is my health and my family.

      • I’m glad you’ve found something that will work better for you, and I certainly don’t want to discourage that. I look forward to the result.

        No rush. Take care of yourself and your family first and always! 😀

  2. Take care of yourself first and foremost! I would be happy to contribute when I think of something brilliant to write if you will allow me! I’m excited for your 2nd book! You have my respect and admiration always. xoxo

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