Gratitude List as 2011 Flies Toward the Sunset 29

The year was difficult at times, yet looking back I find I am grateful for lessons learned, for people met, for relationships established, for friendships maintained, for faith, questioned at times but never lost, and for you, my dear supporters. I could not have made it this far without you. This is my final post-a-week for 2011 and while I will continue to blog, I am not committing to a post-a-week in 2012.

I have gotten to know many wonderful people during the year, some through Twitter, Linked-In, my blogs, and even a few on Facebook. I hope you will click on their names to learn more about them.

Mahalo to: Michele Borba, Annie Fox, Sara Winter, Laura Nagle, Susan Marks, Leah KelleyElise Stokes, Stephanie Crist, Eric B. Thamasma, Grace Hodgin, Eri Nelson, The Redhead Riter, Lydia, Sharon and Phil Dzialo and their son, Adam, Danette M. Schott, Tiffani Lawton, Lori Lite, Lisa Quinones-Fontanez, Lorna d’Entremont, Bobbi Sheahan, AspieSideChi Yon, Lisa, Fi, Leigh Merryday, Alicia, A. K. Butler, Floortime Lite Mama, Mama Fog, Solodialogue, Spectummy Mummy, Elise Ronan, Mommy Lebron, Heather McCracken, Trish, Sharon da Vanport, and I could go on and on, but I am going to stop here. Others are some of those I tweet about, I post about, I mention on Facebook, or the authors of the blogs I list in Special Peeps. You see there are too many to link.

Please also look at my Helpful Info section. Helpful Info is located at the bottom of my blog if you are viewing the full version instead of the mobile view. There you will find others that I am grateful to have gotten to know including Tony Attwood, whom I actually met in 2010.

Wishing all of you Hauoli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year!)

With Aloha,



  1. It was certainly a privilege to be part of your support network and I hope this relationship endures for many years. You are a warrior for several just causes; in my own right, I have always been a warrior and I know the immense toll it takes with its uncertainties and doubts. The pursuit of justice is paramount and the rewards are in our endeavors. It has been a difficult several days with the loss of my friend : I have learned much recently…the value of unwavering loyalty, trust and friendship. I treasure and honor the friendship that the universe has brought to us and allowed it to thrive. Warmth and blessing and as we enter a new year!

    • Phil,
      I know how important our four legged friends are. Sending warm thoughts and love to you and your family. I’ll stop by tomorrow. I am still limiting Internet time and spending more time with the family today.

      I am grateful the universe brought you and your family into my life too. May 2012 be a better year!

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me. And thanks for reminding me about gratitude today. I’m feeling a little grumpy with bronchitis today and needed the reminder. 🙂 Happy New Year to you as well!

    • I hope you feel better soon. I know being ill during the holidays is humbug. I am still limiting Internet time and spending time with the family, but I am going to stop by to comment on your sleep post soon. Sending you and your family prayers.

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