Gratitude for First Television Interview 27

Delightfully Different Book CoveI awoke shortly after three AM to get ready for my first television interview at one of our local news stations.  I was nervous and afterward I thought of other things I should have said including mentioning what a broad spectrum autism truly is, yet despite this and having a bad hair day today of all days, I survived.  I do ask that you keep in mind that I only had two and a half minutes to talk and believe me when I say it went by fast.  You can view it here.


  1. I’m a bit late viewing this, but I thought I should say what a wonderful opportunity and how well you handled yourself. Good for you!

  2. Sue,

    Well said. Nicely done interview! Really was your first? You’re a natural. I guess when we speak from our hearts and talk about what we know, it just flows. It did for you. 🙂

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