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Easter of Long Ago - Copy“Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”  Colossians 3:13.  What better time to discuss forgiveness that the weekend we celebrate Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for our forgiveness.

Anger destroys us not others.  Immaculee Ilibagiza knows this more than anyone and she is the one who taught me how important letting go of the anger is.  Still, forgiveness is not easy and being in an environment that constantly reminds one of an emotional injury does not help.

Positive environments along with support and understanding help us to reach a place of peace and allow us to learn to let go of anger so we can move on with our lives.  Therefore, our family is once again adapting and learning as we work to forgive others.  Our family will join many of our fellow bloggers in the world of homeschooling for the 2011-2012 school year.

Today, I am grateful once again for the support and understanding of the blogging community and especially to those I mentioned in my previous post.  I am grateful that K12 International Academy has an amazing high school diploma program.  I am grateful that my husband and I are in complete agreement in our choice.  We are a team and we will do whatever it takes to help our children succeed in life.

Wishing you and yours a blessed weekend!


  1. Forgiving is not easy especially when it involves your child. I have come up with a technique that keeps me from dwelling on it though. When I catch myself reliving a past incident I stop myself and think..”I could be at peace right now.” Somehow it is magical for me as a sudden peace does come and I seem to then notice the sky or the trees that further distracts me.
    I’m emailing you a link I think you will like to read if you haven’t seen it already.
    Stay well and be in peace my friend

    • Grace,
      We are working on the peace thing, but since we still have to try to finish the school year this one is challenging at the moment. I can’t blog about the details and right now my e-mail is not working too well. I think I have to take my computer in for a virus removal. I have been getting strange pop-ups and now I can’t print except from Word. I will try to look at the site you suggested after I get this fixed as I am hesitate to open my e-mails on my hubby’s computer least I infect it since I don’t know the source of the virus.

      Thank you for your continued support. I promise to try my best to find peace. I think it will be easier to find once the school year ends.

  2. Although I am sad to imagine the circumstances that have led you to this place, I am happy that you have found a good solution and are able to move forward with it.

    I had to make a choice to forgive someone over a relatively smaller matter this week and have had to offer it up daily as it keeps popping back up in my mind, but I want the peace more than I want to hold on to the insult.

    Blessings to you and Happy Easter!

    • Yes, the circumstances are heartbreaking, but in hindsight I wish we started homeschooling after she was bullied. We might be closer to healing now if we had. I pray with love, support and being in a more positive place, we do find peace. Right now we are still struggling to finish the school year, so prayers are still very much needed for the next six weeks.

  3. I am glad you and your family are taking steps for that ‘place or peace’. Good luck on home schooling. I would love to home school my boys, if only hubby will approve of this. He thinks our boys will lack ‘social development’ if we continue to coop them in the house. Sigh! But this may just work for you!

    • Charlotte,
      I used to believe that homeschooling would result in lack of social development too. I have learned through talking to people who home school locally, as well as from talking to my blogging friends who home school, that this is far from true. Homeschooling really is the best option for us at this time.

    • BBs Mum,
      Yes, we have thought long and hard about the decision. Having other bloggers who have homeschooled to talk to has helped alleviate my concerns as has doing considerable research on the options available to us. I am not sure yet how it will impact my schedule, but the program we will be using has excellent support for the students and the parents. The main thing is to get her away from an environment that is emotionally draining due to events related to the bullying of years past.

      I will post about how homeschooling is going once we get into it. The classes are comparable to the courses she would have taken next year at her current school.

    • Thank you! It has been a difficult time for us, but it is a relief now that the decision has been made. I believe being away from constant reminders of emotional injuries will allow healing. Happy Easter to you too!

  4. Hi Sue 😀 How true that anger destroys us and not others…even if we do not express that anger but allow it to bubble up beneath the surface, it can still destroy any peace we might otherwise have had. Best to let go of anger…but that’s easier said than done. What a great reminder this Easter Weekend! Thank you!!

    Hope you and your family have a great Easter Weekend my friend – blessings to you xx

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