Let’s Stop the Bullying 4

Go watch Michael & Marisa as they perform – The Same.

The video is by two middle school kids who want to help make a difference.  Gotta love them!

However, I am not sure if this judge did enough.  Read the two articles below and let me know what you think.

Seven Upper Darby Bullying Suspects Appear In Juvenile Court, One Goes To TrialCBS Philly.

Another teen admits guilt in taped bullying case | 6abc.com.


  1. I totally love this video Sue, I have shared it on my fb.
    I’m sorry I don’t get over too often I try my best to read what I can.
    I haven’t read your links, I’m sorry, I really am very slow at reading and I have to go out in a bit to buy a new carpet.
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx 🙂

    • Lisa,
      I’m glad you like it. Believe me I understand lack of time. I have such a long to do list at the moment and I am so behind in reading and commenting on some of my favorite blogs too. You made my day by stopping by. Thank you!
      Love and hugs to you too,
      Sue xx

  2. I really enjoyed the video – it’s great to see kids wanting to make a difference! And I agree that there should be some type of consequence for standing by and videotaping an incident like that.

    I read a couple of posts at a blog today about a school where they truly deal with bullying immediately and was so impressed by it. It was at Raising Asperger’s Kids and the posts were published on Feb 9th and 15th if you are interested in reading them.

    • AM,
      I went to the blog and I agree it is good the school responded quickly, and they even called the mother to let her know. In their case a para was with their child so this might have helped. I think it is the children who don’t need assistance, but who still have differences who are bullied the worst. I hope they would do the same for any child though.

      I felt the same way about the kid who made the video. I don’t think he should have gotten off without any consequences. I also wondered what type of community service the boys were given. Unless, they are getting guidance about how wrong they were and their community service involved educating others about what they did wrong, I am not sure how this benefits anyone.

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