Lessons of Forgiveness 5

IMG_8711How do we forgive those who hurt our loved ones? It certainly isn’t easy. I am fortunate in that I had just finished reading Immaculee Ilibagiza’s book Left to Tell at the time I learned about the bullies who hurt my child otherwise I might have reacted the same way as the dad in Florida who stormed the bus. I also got to hear Immaculee in person and meet her face to face during this time. She is a truly wonderful person and she inspired me to learn to forgive the bullies.

Still for me forgiveness is a work in progress especially when I hear about other kids being hurt by bullies. For those who don’t know Immaculee’s story, she survived the slaughter in Rwanda in 1994. She and one of her brothers, who was out of the country, are the only survivors from her family. While in hiding she overheard the murders of her younger brother describing his death as they called for her so they could kill her too. Yet, she forgave them as she realized that remaining angry would hurt her. When I met her, what struck me the most is how serene she is and the fact that she is clear that forgiveness does not mean forgetting.

I hope in some small measure my book will inspire someone to learn to forgive without forgetting and maybe they’ll inspire someone else to do the same. Let’s all really work at passing this message on to others. Thanks again for listening to me as I blog.


D. S. Walker


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  3. I remember her story. She and a lot of other people (women ?) were hiding in a concealed bathroom for a very long time. I don’t do a lot of reading (books), but if anyone would know about “forgiveness”, it would be her! I can’t say I know how I would respond, under the same experiences she endured.

    • Clay,
      She is truly amazing! I got to meet her shortly after I read the book when she was just starting to do tours. She was still relatively unknown then, so she spoke at a local Catholic church. I’ve got a long way to go to be half as wonderful.

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