Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves or in Our Case Curves of Life 1

Life has thrown a few curves at my family, so when I saw this week’s photo challenge by Sara Rosso was curves that was my first thought. My next thought was how in the world would I portray that in photos when I no longer blog about the details of our life. Luckily I have a few photos that I think help tell our story.

When life throws you a curve you have to go with it.

When life throws you a curve you have to go with it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting 17

Cheri Lucas Rowlands asks us to share a photo of a fleeting moment for this week’s challenge. It can be a quiet, precious moment like a hummingbird in the backyard or it can be something else like a glimpse into a rare occasion.

I have a few things that could work, so here is my gallery of unrelated fleeting moments. I hope you enjoy them. Do you have fleeting moments to share? I am looking forward to seeing yours.

Then just for fun:

Here is a picture story of a missed fleeting moment inspired by Danielle’s post to introduce the philosophy of Photography 101.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change 5

Change always reminds me of the old Bob Dylan song: “The times they are a changin.”

This is true for everyone even our cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He was an adorable floppy eared puppy when we brought him home; then his ears perked up and became pointed.

Now he is an old dog with a possible spinal tumor, but he still has heart and so far acupuncture is helping his pain. I hope it continues to help because I can’t imagine life without him. He is my children’s first puppy and he brought one of my friends into my life when he was still a hardheaded puppy. I’ll always be grateful to him for all of the love and joy he has given this family.

Cute Corgi

When our cute Corgi joined our family.


A few weeks later his ears are no longer floppy.

His Pooh Pose. Very Zen.

Gait a little less steady.

Gait a little less steady.

Still Regal.

Still Regal.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color 11

Yesterday I gratefully looked to Weekly Writing Challenge for inspiration, so today I decided to explore the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. You can click on the links to learn more.

This week’s photo challenge is to about capturing color. I chose to look through my prior photos for shades of yellow because yellow is known to be uplifting and inspiring. Some even say it can stimulate the mind.

May it bring you joy and inspiration.