Update on Forgiveness 8

Lifes-Journey-Copy.jpg ©Delightfully Different LifeMy last post about forgiveness brought a wonderful blogging friend into my life, Lisa at Karma Per Diem, read it here.  I am doing an update because I still believe forgiveness is an important part of healing from bullying or any injury from others.  Today I found a wonderful detailed explanation of forgiveness from several religious views at New World Encyclopedia which you can click on below:

Forgiveness – New World Encyclopedia

I found a video about forgiveness too; however, I could not verify the copyright status.  Therefore you will need to click on the link below to view it:

YouTube – Forgiveness and the Freedom of Letting go.

I welcome your views on the topic.  Have you found healing through forgiving someone?

A Recent “Aha!” Moment 11

Light bulb

My Golden - Copy

You know how people believe that when something enters your mind multiple times there must be a reason.  Well the first thing I thought of when I read Word Press’ prompt for today was an “Aha!” moment I had back in October about forgiveness.  I blogged about it then, so I am including the link to this post below.

To Err Is Human_To Forgive Divine. | dswalkerauthor

Yesterday, I participated in a blog hop that also resulted in my once again examining my beliefs about forgiveness when I found a blog where someone was questioning how she could forgive.  Here is the link:

A (little) Rant Re: Forgiveness « Karma Per Diem

Last night Oprah’s guests were two families who were directly impacted by anger from extremely harmful events in their lives.  I thought how sad that they were not able to forgive before more people were wounded.

I want to be clear about my beliefs on forgiveness and why I have them.  I must admit that I am still human, so I’m still prone to initially react with anger although I try not to do so.  I do get over things easier than I did in the past, but for me it is still a process.  Here is another link to one of my former posts which explains how my beliefs came about:

Lessons of Forgiveness | dswalkerauthor

Look at all three of these posts and let me know what you think.  Do you believe in forgiveness?  Let me know why or why not?

Addendum: Being Proactive vs Reactive: The Power of Forgiveness – A Bloggable Life has been removed as Sandie no longer has this blog.

I’m Posting Every Week in 2011! 6

Life's Journey - Copy

I’ve decided I want to make a bigger commitment to my blog in 2011.  Rather than just thinking about doing it, I am joining the WordPress.com “Post a Day in 2011” challenge as motivation.  They included an option to post once a week, so this is what I am agreeing to do.  Autism spectrum, bully prevention, and the importance of tolerance and forgiveness will still be the main focus of this blog. Therefore, I plan to post at least twice a week on my core topics as well.

I’m promising to make use of The Daily Post, and the community of other bloggers to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can. Switching gears once a week might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful.  It might also give my audience more insights about me.  I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.


D. S. Walker

Turning Anger to Forgiveness and Action 1

From 1963 Speech of Martin Luther King, Jr.

From 1963 Speech of Martin Luther King, Jr.

I started writing Delightfully Different to teach tolerance of differences, yet at the time I was angry not forgiving. A group of mean girls wounded someone whom I love dearly. The books for middle school girls were about being mean to be popular, and the other mothers were reading Queen Bees and Wannabes. I learned some even were okay with their daughter acting like the queen bee. I don’t believe that was what the author of the book intended still that is what happened.

I decided that I had to change this somehow. I started by educating the school as to how things affected my loved one and how they could help. They did help, but I also realized the root of the problem was not the school. The root of the problem was lack of understanding of differences, and that meanness is not okay. I decided I had to do something which is how the book was born.

A good friend saw how angry I was and suggested that I try writing from a place of love not anger, and she was totally right to suggest this. She also advised me that even if I never sold the book that writing would be therapeutic, and again she was right. Still I refused to stop there, as from day one I kept telling people about my idea, and that I was going to write a book to teach tolerance in our schools.

Another friend told me that if I was serious, that I needed to get the book on Oprah, because some schools chose their required reading books from Oprah’s book club. I did my research and learned that at least some of the books used are on Oprah’s list; therefore, my ultimate goal for this book is to somehow get it be to be one of the books in Oprah’s book club. I know the kids who need to read it most will then read it, hence I e-mailed Oprah yesterday through her magazine web site. Now we wait and I ask all of you to pray that she somehow sees the e-mail and agrees to help.


D. S. Walker