Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters 4

Cheri at The Daily Post asked:

For this week’s challenge, share a photo with letters — no matter the alphabet. You can capture a neon sign, a sentence scribbled in an old phone booth, a random letter that’s seemingly out-of-place, or anything else. As you look through your lens, think about how your image might convey something bigger: a snapshot of how we communicate with one another, even if we don’t speak the same language.

I haven’t had as much time as I would like to address this challenge, so I looked back at old photos and used my phone to capture inspiring sayings I saw at the store this week. I look forward to seeing what others shared.

Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote: Desire (for Peace) 5

All men desire peace, but very few desire those things that make for peace. — Thomas à Kempis, The Imitation of Christ

You can click on any of the photos for a larger view. Then you can click the arrow to move between the photos.

What’s your heart’s desire? Is it for peace too? If so, do you think a peaceful environment helps promote peace? I know it helps with my inner peace.

Today I’m grateful for places that help me find my heart’s desire for inner peace and joy, for Ese’s challenge that helps me to find many wonderful quotes, and that I see God’s love all around me especially in Mother Nature’s gifts.

Don’t forget to stop over at Ese’s Voice to see her post and to get links to other posts for this week’s challenge.

Beautiful Blog Quotation—BBQ 2

Beautiful Blog Quotation—BBQ is another brillant idea of Kozo’s at Everyday Gurus. I’m not going to quote him here because you can click on the link to see what he envisions. I hope you’ll join in and share positive quotes that your fellow bloggers share in a post tagged BBQLUV. I hope to do one next week. I’ve just added a new page so I’ll have a place to share some of those wonderful quotes.

Blessings to all of you.

Bloggers for Peace and May’s Monthly Challenge: Art Thou Peaceful? 4

Created by Kozo at Everyday Gurus for Bloggers for Peace.

Created by Kozo at Everyday Gurus for Bloggers for Peace.

Yes, I am aware that it is no longer May where many of you live, but it still is May in Hawaii. Tracy at FEC-This reminded me that I need to do this post when I saw her post earlier today.

You can learn more about this challenge by reading Kozo’s post at Everyday Gurus where the challenge originated and from there you can also click on the Links to see others

I photographed this peaceful piece of art at Kapìolani Community College. The trio of stacked stones or pohaku was created as a symbol of direction to inspire, guide, and embody the spirit of Hawaii or the aloha spirit.

Pohaku O Le'ahi created by Lucille Baldwin Cooper

Pohaku O Le’ahi created by Lucille Baldwin Cooper