Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters 4

Cheri at The Daily Post asked:

For this week’s challenge, share a photo with letters — no matter the alphabet. You can capture a neon sign, a sentence scribbled in an old phone booth, a random letter that’s seemingly out-of-place, or anything else. As you look through your lens, think about how your image might convey something bigger: a snapshot of how we communicate with one another, even if we don’t speak the same language.

I haven’t had as much time as I would like to address this challenge, so I looked back at old photos and used my phone to capture inspiring sayings I saw at the store this week. I look forward to seeing what others shared.


  1. I love all these photos. Great interpretation of the theme. When strung together, letters form words and so phrases, phrases that can have so much meaning and leave an impact on us. My favourite has to be, “You are the conductor of your own symphony”. It sort of means we have the power to do anything if we set our minds to it. Hopeful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Mahalo again Mabel. Your favorite has a special meaning to me since in the epilogue of my novel the main character writes a symphony that is performed by her high school orchestra. We do have the power to do anything.

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