Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring 2

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is brought to us by Ash who requested that we share a photo of what spring means to us.

You might think Hawaii does not really have a spring. Our seasons are more subtle. Yet, we do have seasons and since I started gardening a year ago, I have more appreciation of the subtlety created by the rotation of our planet and the shorter days.

Other signs of spring:

And a favorite in Hawaii because May Day is Lei Day:

Lei for any occasion, especially Lei Day.

Lei for any occasion, especially Lei Day.

I am grateful I live in an area with subtle seasons.


  1. Such gorgeous photos. Can’t pick a favourite, they’re all too good…okay, maybe the silk tree one against the clouds. Not something you see everyday – the dull contrasted with a speck of bright.

    I actually thought it was summer all year round in Hawaii, never knew the weather could subtly change. I suppose you don’t have shivering cold winters? I would love to visit someday and want to come prepared clothes-wise 🙂

    • Mahalo Mabel. I like the silk tree best too and no, we do not get shivering cold winters although Maui and Hawaii Island do get snow on their summits. A light windbreaker is usually all you need here.

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