Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting 17

Cheri Lucas Rowlands asks us to share a photo of a fleeting moment for this week’s challenge. It can be a quiet, precious moment like a hummingbird in the backyard or it can be something else like a glimpse into a rare occasion.

I have a few things that could work, so here is my gallery of unrelated fleeting moments. I hope you enjoy them. Do you have fleeting moments to share? I am looking forward to seeing yours.

Then just for fun:

Here is a picture story of a missed fleeting moment inspired by Danielle’s post to introduce the philosophy of Photography 101.

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    • Yes it is a mongoose. Their tales are bushy like a squirrel, but I have never seen one stand on their hind legs like one and unlike squirrels the mongoose is a carnivore. They were originally brought to Hawaii to control the rats, but since they are awake during the day that did not work too well. We don’t have squirrels in Hawaii.

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