RIP Senator Daniel K. Inouye 4



Yesterday at 12:01 HST, 5:01 EST the world lost a man of honor and integrity. Senator Daniel Inouye was more than just a senator from Hawaii. He was third in line to the United States presidency. He was a true national hero not just because he lost his arm fighting for our country after Pearl Harbor, during a time when America did not trust anyone of Japanese ancestry. He lived aloha and he taught the world the meaning of the term. He was my hero because he championed civil rights for all.

He recently cosponsored the Student Non-Discrimination Act, S. 555. He sent me a letter when I wrote to him through an on-line petition about the bill back in May noting, “our nation’s diversity is one of its greatest strengths and requires protection from the law.”Senator_Inouye_Letter

He understood the need for disability rights too although I doubt that he ever saw himself as disabled.

Mahalo Senator for all you did to help make the world a better place.


  1. Thanks Sue……..that was interesting…..hope all is going well, and to wish your family a blessed holiday season and for a rewarding 2013!…….love, a. f.

    • Aunty,
      I changed your name to anonymous because I think you meant to respond privately. We are trying to slowly get our house cleaned up after multiple home repairs including a new roof and skylights.

      It is going slow because I broke my 4th toe on a bookshelf that was moved due to inside painting. Otherwise we are doing well. I hope you and yours are too.

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