Inspiring Man and Movie 8

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Front of the Class is the story of Brad Cohen, a teacher who has Tourette’s. I love this movie for several reasons and I highly recommend it. I believe it should be required for teachers to help them understand how teachers can devalue a child when they should be inspiring them. This movie resonated with me since my daughter had a vocal tic when she was younger that a teacher actually made worse after we told her to ignore it.

The movie starts prior to young Brad’s diagnosis with Tourette’s and follows him as he interviews for teaching positions at multiple schools where they fail to see his potential. One of the interviewers tells him, “You must have had inspiring teachers.”

He responds, “I had an inspiring Principal. My teachers really only inspired me to be the kind of teacher they never were.”

She asks, “What kind of teacher is that?”

He responds, “One who makes it possible for a kid to learn even if he’s different. In a way the best teacher I ever had is my Tourette’s.”

Later he tells his students, “Never let anything stop you from chasing your dreams.”

I am grateful to Brad Cohen and others who continue to pursue their dreams and work to change the world to a place of tolerance and acceptance of differences.


  1. This was a wonderful video and it is so important to educate. I can remember going to a conference to learn how it feels as a student to have Dyslexia. They gave everyone a book with p’s in place of b’s ect. and then made individuals read it fluently and then acted upset when the person wasn’t able to do it. It gave a real good example to the teachers how it felt to have Dyslexia compounded with an impatient teacher who was not compassionate. A lot of teachers became better human beings that day.

    • Grace,
      What a wonderful conference! Thank you for sharing this valuable lesson. Teachers need more education so they truly understand.

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