Blessed and Grateful in Hawaii 24

Pictures from my camera 086 - CopyLast night was a sleepless night at our home as we gathered our water and checked our hurricane supplies in preparation for the Tsunami.  Yet, we are still very blessed.  While the first appearance of the bare reef off Diamond Head caused fear, Oahu only had minor damage to our boat harbors.  Maui and the Big Island had more damage, but still minor compared to Japan.

I am also aware of how fortunate I am to have so many people who care about me.  Many of my follow bloggers, old friends, and family reached out via Facebook and e-mail to offer prayers and/ or good wishes as they held my family in their thoughts.   My family called me first thing this morning to make sure we are okay.  I am grateful for all of those who reached out.

Hawaii is truly blessed as we were spared devastation from a Tsunami.  I know many of you have already seen footage of Japan.  I ask that you continue to send them prayers.  Many in Hawaii have family in Japan and many Japanese are frequent visitors here, so their loss will be felt here as well.

With Much Gratitude and Aloha,



    • Thanks Diane! We are fine except for being off schedule which with AS in the mix makes life a little more complicated as I know you are aware. I am also hoping our friends find a way to get their daughter home soon. The family she is staying with are being very supportive, still it hard not to worry about a twenty year old being in Japan without family during these tough times.

  1. So glad you are okay and apologize for not getting in touch with you sooner. I have been out of it this week due to being sick but still having to deal with work and my son’s birthday, but you were one of my first thoughts when I heard that Hawaii might be hit.

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    • AM,
      I will write a long response on your post later in the week, but I want you to know I am not offended with your decisions nor do I feel neglected. We all cope with life in our own way. I only entered public forums recently, so I get the need for anonymity. I hope your son had a wonderful birthday and you are feeling better!

      • Just saw this reply – thank you for being so sweet. I often let my worries build beyond what is probably rational and appreciate you and others for understanding.

        My son did greatly enjoy his birthday and I am glad to finally be over my cold (just in time for spring allergies!).

        • AM,
          You are welcome. I still plan to stop back by your site sometime soon. I am glad you are well and you son enjoyed his birthday.

    • Rachel,
      Thank you for tagging me and for your kindness. We are all fine except for being tired. I am actually about ready to go to bed already tonight and I never go to bed this early.

    • Charlotte,
      I remember. I hope all of your friends are safe. Our close friends’ daughter, who has been our baby sitter, house sitter and pet baby sitter in the past is in Japan, but thankfully we found out she is okay.

    • Mommy LeBron,
      Thank you! I am sure your friends are okay as to my knowledge, there was only property damage here thankfully.

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