1. Thank you for sharing! You have great points here. That our society have bad authority figures is so sad, because being in authority, they have the official capacity to influence goodness and yet they don’t. And then, there are people, who means well to promote positive influence but don’t have the authority, and are made to feel defeated by the bad ones, when they pull ranks. Sigh!

  2. That makes total sense that exposure to a poor adult model can influence and even inspire bullying behavior. Yeah, think about it – if a coach bullies his team what does that teach the children about how to treat others? Thank you for helping bring another aspect out to light.

    • Suzanne,
      Thank you. I find it interesting that so many adults are oblivious about the role they play in this, so I am glad they included this in their segment. I hope it helps.

  3. I’m really glad the media is coming forward to expose this and teach how to control and eliminate it.
    It does seem that bullies feel they are safer in numbers in all situations of life.

    • Grace,
      I agree. This was the best program I’ve seen so far on the subject. I hope others watched it. It would be good if parents watched it with their kids!

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