Bold Faced Lies 23


Kathleen at AutismHerd has bestowed this rather whimsical award on me.  Thank you so much Kathleen!  In order to accept this award I have to do the following. 

(BTW, that’s pronounced meem-tastic according to its creator, Jillsmo.)

  1. You must proudly display the absolutely disgusting graphic that Jillsmo created for these purposes. She thinks it’s so bad because not only did she use COMIC SANS, but there’s even a little jumping, celebrating kitten down there at the bottom. According to her it’s horrifying! But its presence in your award celebration is crucial to the memetastic process we’re creating here.  (I think it is cute!!!!)
  2. You must list 5 things about yourself, and 4 of them must be bold-faced lies. Just make stuff up, we’ll never know; one of them has to be true, though. Of course, nobody will ever know the difference, so we’re just on the honor system here. I trust you. 
  3. You must pass this award on to 5 bloggers that you either like or don’t like or don’t really have much of an opinion about. I don’t care who you pick, and nobody needs to know why. I mean, you can give a reason if you want, but I don’t really care. 
  4. If you fail to follow any of the above rules, Jillsmo will harass you incessantly until you either block her on Twitter or ban her IP address from visiting your blog. I don’t know if you can actually do that last thing, but she will become so annoying to you that you will actually go out and hire an IT professional to train you on how to ban IP addresses just so that she’ll leave you alone.  She says she is serious and I believe her, so I’m going to do these things. ” 
  5. **NEW**This one isn’t actually a rule, but once you do the above, she asks that you please stop by her site and link up to the Memetastic Hop so that she can keep track of where this thing goes.
  You can guess which one is the truth. 

Okay, here I go!!! Are you ready? I’m excited, so here goes:


  1. I did an internship one summer with a group called North Carolina Midwifery where I got to ride horses into the Appalachian Mountains to help a midwife deliver babies to those who did not have access to physicians and hospitals. 
  2. I live on an island, so I spend all of my free time at the beach.  
  3. I have always wanted to go skydiving.  I can’t imagine anything more thrilling than jumping out of an airplane.  
  4. I  worked as a forensic nurse for ten years.  It wasn’t as exciting as it sounds. 
  5. I have been to thirty-eight of the 50 states including Alaska, but I have only visited one other country and that is Canada.

 Now to pick the next group for Jillsmo’s amusement.  Actually these are blogs I love and I hope they will have fun with this.  The whimsical Memetastic Award goes to: 

Ms. Roller Coaster at Riding the Roller Coaster 

Charlotte at Life’s a Charm!

Lisa at Alienhippy’s Blog

Aspergirl Maybe 

Cathy at Autism Home Rescue

Do you really want to know the truth?  

  1. And the sad truth is I am more boring than my blogging friends think although I do wish I had done some of these.  
  2. I am way too chicken and have a fear of heights, so BB’s Mum, no skydiving for me. 
  3. And Aspergirl Maybe as Kathleen said there is little time for the beach.
  4. Kathleen, that was my dream job when I was in nursing school. 
  5. Laura, I did consider taking a forensic nursing course years ago, but sadly I did not do it. 

The truth:

I have been to thirty-eight of the 50 states including Alaska, but I have only visited one other country and that is Canada although I hope one day to do more traveling. 





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  4. I knew all of you island-dwellers were just whining about never getting to go to the beach to keep the rest of us away, when you’re really spending every day there!!!

    Seriously, thank you for saying you love my blog. That means a lot to me.

    • I do love your blog and you are welcome, but I’m not telling which is the correct answer. Maybe it is a ploy, maybe not! 😉 I can’t wait to read yours!

  5. Dang! Kathleen beat me to it…I was going to give this one to you. I think we are going to have to start kicking this one out of the Autism community because we’ve all gotten it I need to get on it soon though cuz I’m kinda scared-a Jill……….

    • Autism Mom Rising,
      That is funny because the reason I didn’t pick your site is because I saw BB’s Mum had already done so. I can’t wait to read yours. 🙂

  6. hhhmmm…lets see..I know you are a nurse..but you have kids and so that means you’re I don’t know if you would be at the beach all day..but you do live on an might also question skydiving..because your posts are rational discussions and well..skydiving? But I could see it happening-we all have our wild sides…So I’m going to go with the Appalachia midwifery..although if you did do that-how freakin cool! Brings me back to “The Waltons” and Mary Ellen..didn’t she do that?

    • I loved “The Waltons,” but I’m not ready to reveal which is true yet. Are you going to tell us which one of yours is true?

  7. Well, we know you’re brave. But is it to the point of insanity? I’m going for skydiving, because I actually can picture you throwing yourself out of a plane “because it seemed like a good idea at the time” 😀

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