Kindness, Compassion, and Support Are What the World Needs Now 9

November 13, 1012 is World Kindness Day, a day designated to realize the need for more compassion and kindness. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone observed it and really was kind for one full day? Yes, I am a dreamer, but like John Lennon, I am not the only one. I still believe in the goodness of humanity despite evidence to the contrary. I still dream of a kinder world, and that is why I think it is essential that we teach children how to be kind and how to recognize the difference between kindness and meanness. I will be posting some ideas about how to do this at on the fourth.

Overwhelmed By Horror

Last week I became overwhelmed with all of the horror stories of children being murdered, of those making the news for their poor choices, etc. By Friday, I was in overload and finding myself overwhelmed with emotions. I decided to avoid the Internet for a few days.

Then Canada had an earthquake, Hawaii had a tsunami warning and the East Coast was hit by Hurricane Sandy. I needed to escape it all, but I also had to verify my family and friends were safe, so I checked Facebook, watched the news, and checked Twitter, but much less than normal. I have family in New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Massachusetts, and my sister-in-law has a younger sister in New York whose husband works at NYU. I am grateful that they all weathered the storm without injury. One family does have water damage to a beach house on Long Island Beach, but it could have been so much worse and I know it was for many. I am praying for all who are affected by the storm.

Where Are the Heroes?

Even though I am sure there must have been stories of heroes during the storm. I only heard of two. One was of a the premature baby born during the storm, who is doing well. The other was of someone bringing a lady’s cats to her at a shelter.  Today, the news media is again reporting stories that break my heart, like fights over gas and a mother’s plead for help that was ignored.

Share Your Stories

I would love to hear the stories about the heroes instead. Are you with me? Do you have stories you want to share? I know I am not the only one who could use some good news. Tweet me with your hero stories.