Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument (Mother Nature’s) 5

Kilauea Iki Pit Crater

Kɪlauea Iki Pit Crater

Do you think of manmade when you hear the word monument?

I am always inspired by Mother Nature’s work, so naturally I had to go a different direction. Differences make our word more interesting after all.

Volcanoes are monuments to Earth’s origin, evidence that its primordial forces are still at work. — Hawaii Volcanoes National Park home page.

This week, for the WordPress Daily Post weekly photo challenge, Ben asks:

In this week’s challenge, show us your take on a monument (broadly defined). It could be a fresh angle on a well-known tourist site, or a place nobody knows outside your community. It doesn’t even have to be an official monument. A legendary coffeehouse, a churchyard cemetery, the remains of a treehouse you’d built as a kid — anything can be monumental as long as it’s imbued with a shared sense of importance.