The Right Way to Prevent Bullying

Purchased Clipart Collection Version 1.2 (2.2) Copyright ©Macmanus. All rights reserved.

Purchased Clipart Collection Version 1.2 (2.2) Copyright ©Macmanus. All rights reserved.

Today’s title is linked to a story from Valhalla, New York:

It is about triplets who started a program to educate younger kids in how to prevent bullying. I strongly advise you to watch this. All schools need to encourage more programs like this one. I hope when colleges look at community service, they give these seniors bonus points because they are examples of upstanders.

I love school systems that encourage older children to look out for younger ones. The seniors told the middle school children things that were important, like that threatening and harassing text messages should be reported to their parents and to the police. They also taught them that bystanders could and should speak up, as they make a difference. This is the type of message that needs to be given more often. Schools programs that teach children how to be good citizens and what laws can be used to protect themselves are so needed today. I hope you will help to pass this message on to others.

Remember Every Life Has a Purpose 6

While all of the characters in my book exist only in the author’s imagination, being misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mistreated by others when you have differences is real. People with a learning disability and/or a neurological disorder, such as Mia’s sensory sensitivity with features of Asperger’s syndrome may find it hard to recognize when others mistreat them until things escalate. I want to educate the world about the delightful traits many of these kids have and encourage them to standup for themselves, but also to encourage all of you to standup for them too. Remember-every-life-has

Remember, every life has a purpose. We are all unique in some way, even if we do not admit it. Be grateful for who you are and for who your children are. Help them to learn to cope in this world. Use whatever resources are necessary to help them. However, do not try to make them like the rest of the world. Help them to be proud of who they are.