Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections on Peace 5

Recently, I found myself reflecting on the passing years and how life continues to evolve for my family as we continue on our journey towards joy and inward peace.

The song, “In My Daughter’s Eyes” immediately came to mind for this challenge, and yes it does make me think of my daughter, but like many others I also think of my son. For, I truly see who I want to be in my children’s eyes. They both inspire me and make me a better person even when I’m having moments where I’m not that person. They are teenagers after all, and sometimes they do drive me crazy. Yet, when all is said and done I do hope they’ll see how happy they’ll made me, for their eyes do reflect who I am.

Author Unknown

Author Unknown

My dear children,

I hope you always remember to:

  • Listen with your heart first.
  • Try to see others’ point of view, but remain true to yourself.
  • Really hang on when your heart has had enough.
  • Keep giving when you feel like giving up.
  • Live your life with integrity regardless of what others do.
  • But, if you do make mistakes, admit them and learn from them, and move forward.
  • Follow your dreams wherever they take you.
  • Know that I am always proud to be your mom.

Much Love Always,