Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus (This Week I’m Focusing on Love) 3

When someone we love dies it is easy to focus on our loss and dwell in sadness, but my Corgi was such an inspiration that I find I have to focus on love instead. He saw my daughter through loving eyes and understood her long before we did. He loved all of us even when we failed to understand him and initially labeled him as a problem puppy. He loved the animal behaviorist who helped us to understand him better too. He also loved the dog groomer who was so gentle with him, the pet sitters who forgave him when he nipped one of them, and his veterinarian who helped ease his pain as his body began to fail him. He smiled through his pain and it was only when he thought no one was looking or when someone touched his backside that his pain truly showed. He had more dignity and grace than most people and we’ll never stop loving him and remembering his love for us.

I’m grateful for the eleven years and nine months of his life that he shared with us.


This week Cheri Lucus Rowlands’ photo challenge is inspired by Matthew George’s post on focus for Photography 101.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree Is What I’m Sharing, Not What I’m Feeling Today 4

Today I will be telling my dear friend good-bye for the last time as I release him to the angels per his request, so forgive me if I’m not feeling this week’s photo challenge. Still, I do have a few older photos that fit the challenge and I know life must go on and that is what my corgi wishes for his family.

In the Arms of the Angels.

In the Arms of the Angels.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways of Ko’olau Mountain Range, Dwarf PeriWinkle, Sunflowers and More 12

Cheri Lucas Rowlands asked us to share one shot, two ways for this week’s photo challenge, and I strongly suggest you go to her posts to see links to all of the wonderful posts others are sharing.

Yes, I know my post is actually five shots, two ways. Jeff Sinon inspired me to capture photos after it rained here this morning. I’m grateful for the inspiration, for the gentle rain, and for my garden. What are you grateful for this week?