Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie? It Is Like Asking a Fourteen Year Old to Use Carbon Paper 6

For those who have never heard of a selfie, watch the 100-Year-Old BFFs on Steve Harvey as one of the friends explains it to the other, “You don’t and I don’t, but they do.” They are a joy and I really love the answers they give to questions about modern pop culture.

Cheri Lucas Rowlands is obviously younger than me because this week for the WordPress photo challenge, she is asking us to share a selfie. I am a Baby Boomer, so asking me to share a selfie is really like asking a fourteen year old to write a theme paper in cursive, making three carbon copies. Some of them might know what I am talking about and even how to do it, but they would not want to do it.

Luckily, I do know what a selfie is since I have teenagers, but honestly sharing a selfie just is not me, but I’m up to the challenge.


  1. I have been taking pictures of myself for years and never called them a selfie. It is just easier than asking people to take my picture. I take them for profile pictures. If you have a timer on your camera you can take your own picture too. Oh and do you remember correction tape for a typewriter?

  2. Oh yes, I remember carbon paper too…messy stuff! Does that make me old?? 😉 Well, very possibly, but my kids keep me in touch, so I know what a selfie is, and I’m still contemplating whether to do one or not.
    I love your interpretations.

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