Kozo’s Monthy Peace Challenge: One Good Thing About Music… 5

The Universal Language of Healing

I’m a firm believer in music’s healing powers and I’m grateful that there are so many wonderful songs about peace.

The Peace Challenge this month is invoke the power of music. We are to:

  • Post a song or video of a song that has brought peace to your world. Feel free to explain how this music has created peace.
  • Tell a story about how music “tamed the savage beast.”
  • Write a song for peace. You don’t have to write the music, just the lyrics.
  • Sing a song for peace and write a post about what you felt.
  • Make a top 10 list of songs/artists that bring peace to our world.
  • Interview a songwriter about what inspired them to create music that you find peaceful.
  • Post anything about the intersection of music and peace.

Since I’m no singer and I’m certainly not a song writer, I put together a playlist on You-Tube of my top ten songs about peace. Rather than show the videos on my blog, I ask that you click on the link to see them as I do not want to infringe on anyone’s copyright. 


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    • Glad to do it. Yes, the little girl is and the whole choir is amazing. I think they made a documentary about them. Glad the teacher encourages them and they have such a good music program.

  2. I love this! The way the children sang with gusto and truly believing for PEACE on Earth. Thank you putting these YouTubes for us. Aloha.

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