The Year of the Water Dragon 9

You might have noticed that I was off-line most of last week and the beginning of this week. We have been celebrating Chinese New Year. This year we are taking no chances with our luck.

Not only did we attend the Chinese New Year parade and feed the lion, we also decorated for the New Year. I couldn’t resist buying these guys when I saw them at the street vender during the Honolulu Chinatown block party.

I brought a steamer and spent a full day making gau, a sticky pudding made with mochi flour, brown sugar, vegetable oil, and water. I even made it the old-fashioned way this year instead of in the microwave.

Here’s how it turned out! I gave some to my in-laws since gau is supposed to help families stick together.

Hubby and I got these to bring good karma to our home.

And this big one to place in our entry way.

I also spent time organizing and cleaning the house, and of course we had a wonderful Chinese meal that included a whole chicken for family harmony combined with a whole lobster for a harmonious marriage and noodles for long life and shrimp dumplings for wealth.

Kung Hee Fat Choy! (May prosperity be with you!)


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  2. Oh, this is so awesome I have been teaching the kids about The Year of the Dragon this week and about China. Love the pictures!

    Kung Hei Fat Choi!

    • Angel,
      I am behind in responding to comments, but I am so glad you enjoyed this posts. I always loved learning about other cultures when I was a kid.

    • Yes, Phil I do know I am lucky in many ways and I do love rituals and my family. I know you and Sharon miss these and I always include all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

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