Thanksgiving Gratitude 12

Last year I posted about a family tradition at our house of going around the table and telling each other the things that make us thankful. There are things I had hoped for this year that have not turned out quite the way I had anticipated. Clouds have descended over our home at times during the past year as my regular readers are aware, but all hope is not lost.

I still have to be careful as my back continues to heal from my fall in May, but it is getting better and I am even able to go without my brace most of the time now. I do still use my ice and I still occasionally use Advil, but there is hope. The clouds are less threatening and I am beginning to see beauty in simple things that I did not enjoy previously, like vacuuming my house.  I know I know, that sounds crazy, but when you have been unable to do simple things, former chores can actually be a pleasure. Your views change!

There are still things that I hope and pray will change including more joy and kindness in our world, and especially in the lives of the victims of bullying and in the lives of those who have lost loved ones to bullying. I want a society that gets why the effects of bullying are long-term and how much love and support the victims need and even how sometimes they need space and time to heal. It is about what is best for them. That is what really matters most. If they cannot handle family gatherings, their wishes need to be honored not questioned. Keep them in your hearts and prayers, but realize this is not about you. They are what matters most right now.

I remain thankful for everyone who works to help, including a member of the Coral Reefer Band who is helping. Jim Mayer, writes, produces and performs children’s music to help teach values, help develop character,  and to promote understanding of complex emotions and dealing with bullies. To learn more, read On Bullying and Suicide: A Message of Hope, Help from Coral Reefer Band Member – MarketWatch.

Today I saw this rainbow which reminded me that there is infinite hope and there are reasons to be thankful. I am thankful for my family and friends, for everyone who has helped me this year including Tony Attwood, for all of my fellow bloggers, and for those who support me on Twitter, on Facebook and at Linked In, especially the new friends who I have met this year and who have helped me just by being here. Some have posted reviews of my novel and others have helped in other ways. I also joined a group of bloggers at Danette’s Best of Best on S-O-S blog this year and found another supportive group.

The ones who mean the most are listed under helpful info and in Special Peeps from the menu above. I am especially grateful to Robert, who bravely shared his bullying story on my blog. I am also grateful to Bobbi, who shared two wonderful posts recently. I have another wonderful guest post planned for Friday from Lydia at Autistic Speaks. I hope you will stop by and support Lydia.

It is another positive post I assure you. I have learned too few can handle the bullying stories so I am not going to pursue more of these at this time although I will still address the issue on this blog.

Wishing everyone in the United States a very Happy Thanksgiving and all of my friends around the world a wonderful weekend and Happy Holidays!

Mahalo for all of your support,



  1. Rainbows are beautiful. For some reason I take more comfort when the moon is shrouded with a thin layers of clouds that create a ring–I call it a moonbow.

    There’s still much to be done to make this world a better place, and I fear there will be as long as the earth lasts, but we can, even if in just small ways, do so every day. The more people who choose to do so, the better the world will be.

  2. So glad to hear that your back is continuing to improve – I know this has been a difficult year on a number of levels! I am thankful to have met you and appreciate all that you are doing to bring awareness to topics like bullying, and also forgiveness and gratitude.


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