Gratitude for Friends, Family, and Tony Attwood 4

This week brought unpleasant old emotions related to family.  I really thought I was over some of these emotions having worked on them years ago.  Yet, I experienced a deep hurt last weekend related to the same emotions.  I am actively working on moving past this and moving forward.  I talked to others this week and came to the conclusion that for whatever reason those involved are incapable of being as supportive as I would like.  It truly is time to let it go and to focus on those who are supportive.  Today I am grateful for members of my extended family who are supportive and for my friends in Blogland, on Facebook, and in person who reached out and offered their support.  I really did get by this week with a little help from my friends and extended family. I am back on track thanks to all of you.  

I am also grateful that as of today Tony Attwood listed information about my novel on his site under fictional books.  You can find it by clicking on this link: Tony Attwood – Author of The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome – Delightfully Different.  Thank you again Tony!  Having your support means the world to me.      


  1. Oh, I just love what Dr. Attwood wrote about the book! That is so awesome!!

    I wish I had the perfect answers about your family situation. All I can say is that I pray for your hurt to be healed and for you to know how much you have blessed so many people’s lives.

  2. Happy that you are back on track as I am always interested in following your blog and thoughts. Old emotional reactions of hurt and disappointment have a pattern of returning especially when one is vulnerable. This is an area to which I have given much thought and energy and have no conclusions. Expectation of responsiveness from people, especially family, and especially when you need response, seems natural and right. So the two-horned dilemma: do we keep expecting and keep getting hurt or do we somehow stop expectation and then never get disappointed? There must be a third option….?

    • Thanks Phil! I’ll take option three if you ever figure out what it is. My parents believed strongly in maintaining close family ties and they did not just preach this, they practiced it. They are the main reason I have tried to maintain those relationships.

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