How I Would Spend My Last Hour 16

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The tombstone is my parents’ whom I love and miss for they really were wonderful and I always knew they loved me.  I am so grateful to have been their daughter. 

No, it isn’t really my last hour and I’m not ill or planning anything stupid!  I’m just responding to a “bonus” prompt for a topic from Word Press today.  The prompt:

“If you only had an hour to live, what would you do with those 60 minutes?”

This one is so easy for me to answer as I’ve always loved Diamond Rio’s song, “One More Day.”  Click below to play the song:

YouTube – One More Day by Diamond Rio – The Last Time.

So yes, first I would pray for the time to go by slowly, and I would unplug all of the electronics in my house and turn off all the phones just like in the song.  I would gather my family around to hug them and tell them how wonderful they are and how they have each enriched my life.  I would remind my husband of the letter I wrote for our best friends to use in the event something happened to us on how to help our children and suggest that he use that as I would not want to waste time on another letter and I do things for all of them that he won’t remember when I am gone.  I would remind my daughter that she will receive a letter from me her senior year as it is already in a time capsule.  I wrote it when she was in kindergarten.  Then I would apologize to my son for failing to write a similar letter to him.  (I think I will do this soon as it is a good idea and maybe I’ll even write a love letter to my darling husband.)  I would also hug my dogs and remind them to take care of my family. 

Last but not least by any means, I would tell each of them that I have no regrets about anything because I’ve had the best life anyone could ever have because I shared it with each of them.  I’d tell them they should never feel guilty for anything they have ever said to me for I’ve always known how much I am loved.  Maybe, I’ll tell them tonight just for fun. 

Love your family members everyday because you really never know when it will be the last chance you have.  When you slip-up and yell or say something hurtful apologize and hug them.  Are you grateful for the life you have been given?  What would you do with your last hour?


  1. That was lovely. Yes, I make sure every day to tell my family how much I love and value in my last hour? I’d sit with them and eat candy without guilt. 🙂

    • Thank you Wendy. I believe in living life with love and laughter too. I’ve always loved the quote, “Live, Love, Laugh.” Jen’s blog gems is so much fun. I going to head over to your post too.

  2. Your post is very inspiring!

    I think I understand why you wrote to your daughter when she was in kindergarten. My 1st child starting school this year and I have this mixed feelings building up inside me, that before reading this post I did think about starting to write to him and my other child about my thoughts and feelings and all the things I want him to learn about life. Writing to them, I hope would greatly help me ‘keep my sanity’.

    And thanks for your comment in my blog.

    • Charlotte,
      You are very welcome. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comments. Yes, it does give you prospective when you think about their future. They grow up so fast. My daughter is now 15. Time flies for those of us who are parents! I’m not looking forward to the day she goes to college, but I know I have to let her grow up.

    • Lisa,
      Sorry to scare you 😦 That’s why I opened the post, with the explanation, so others would see it in their feed. You can thank Word Press for starting this though. Honestly, it would not have been a topic I would have posted if they hadn’t given it as a prompt.
      Aloha Again,

  3. This is beautiful! Thank you for the reminders. It’s true, no one knows how much time they have. The key is gratitude and showing it every day. My kiddos will get extra, extra hugs tonight 🙂

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