Please Unite in the Aftermath of Arizona Shooting 12

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My hope is that our country will come together over this tragedy and maybe learn something about how words might influence people in a negative way. It would be nice if “the powers that be,” be they political leaders, journalist, or just commentators, would learn to set a better example and stop trying to bully each other.

How can we hope to get our children to stop bullying each other when so many adults speak and post without thinking of the consequences of their words? Did the politicians pull the trigger in Arizona? No, they did not, but do they need to learn the same lessons that our youth need to learn? Yes, they do. They need to learn kindness, respect, and tolerance of differences just like we want our children to learn.

I would love to see our country united instead of being so angry that we divide. Anger is a scary emotion that ultimately causes more harm unless it is redirected toward positive change. Look at the history of the world including more recent history in countries such as Rwanda and you’ll see the devastation that anger causes. Please let’s learn something from the bad examples instead of perpetuating them.

See the blog post below for a wonderful take on this:

Try Defying Gravity

I’m sending love and prayers to the victims of Saturday’s shooting and to their families. I hope and pray the adults in our country grow up and learn to set better examples. Leaders lead by example too! Is there hope for our country? I hope so and I honestly do have faith that there are more good people than bad, so let me know what you think.

Oh one more thing, a blogger over at Blog Her was among the victims, who thankfully survived the shooting, but please send her good wishes at the blog below:

The Burrow: Tough




  1. I agree with your thoughts and feelings here – we humans (the world over) need to learn how to show ” kindness, respect, and tolerance of differences” to one another, if there’s EVER going to be peace / an end to such awful events as the terrible shootings in Arizona recently. My heart goes out to everyone involved on that dreaded day.

    Thanks for such a thought-provoking and heartfelt post.

    Chloe xx

  2. I am honored that you would link to my post. You said it much more eloquently than I did. I hope we can find common ground together, and unite to help those who desperately need our help and protection.

    • Alysia,
      Thank you! I think your personal story actually is very important, so I appreciate your sharing it. I hope and pray we see a real change in the way our leaders interact with each other. It would be so nice if the news media also did the same. It’s time kindness and respect became the norm.

  3. Good post, Sue.

    Some will unite, but the extremists won’t be moved towards the center or to toning down their rhetoric, unfortunately. It will take moderates and those in the center to speak louder than those on the fringes.

    • Kim,
      I agree that is why more of us have to speak up so our voices are louder than their voices. The key is to do it in a respectful manner! 🙂

  4. I agree with you 100%.
    I noticed today in the paper that our U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns was quoted as saying,
    “The animosity in debate and political rhetoric has always been there.” and then referred to the Shay’s Rebellion in 1786 as an example.

    I was a little disappointed in his statement and didn’t know if I misinterpeted it. He seemed to be saying things would not change.
    I view history a little more differently than Rep. Stearns. Although we can view history as a record of events I also feel if you take a close
    look at it that it also reveals we keep making the same mistake.
    I felt he needed to take more of a stance on tolerance and change in the way our political speakers approach their disputes than to excuse it away with the events of violence in past history.

    • Grace,
      I agree with you too. I really hope people stop and think. Honestly, Rwandan type of violence can happen anywhere that anger is encouraged and intolerance is ignored. I hope more people wake up. It really is time for people to change how they treat others.

  5. I thought of you, your blog, and your book when I heard about this shooting. It amazes me that we spend so much time and effort combating bullying at the school age level, when really we may want to refocus on some adult training. It all starts with our words. Even in response to this shooting, people have started bullying one another over the “cause”. It is all a cycle that has gotten too far out of hand to expect anything other than what happened this weekend.
    At the end of the day, we have to start with ourselves and our home. Hopefully positive media outlets will be able to outweigh the negative ones in this situation and shed some good, common sense advice on what needs to happen in the future. Thank you for starting with your blog!

    • Kelly,
      I’ve always said that it starts with the adults. I marketed my book to schools because I’m not sure how to get through to the adults who seem so clueless. I know from helping at my son’s school that there is hope for our youth if adults step in soon enough. I hope and pray our leaders get a gripe on reality. I’m not sure why so many Americans fail to speak up. Have our values really deteriorated so far or are they just afraid? I really hope others speak out. The blatant meanness has to stop. I just pray there are enough WWII survivors out there to help me remind people of that.

      Thanks Kelly for being one of the ones who gets it. I really enjoy your blogs.

  6. I agree, Sue and blogged something with a similar sentiment yesterday. I hope you don’t get the same can of worms opened that I did. 🙂

    Anyway, great post.

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