Life Is an Adventure 2

Adventures, I had my share before my children arrived. Yet, parenthood is the best and most rewarding adventure of all despite the ups and downs. Like the glue that holds together the magnet that has fallen too many times, love has held my family together.


Inspired by The Daily Post photo challenge:

This week, share a photo that says “adventure.” It could be an image of someone setting off on an epic journey, a photo you took on an adventure of your own, or something more metaphoric that represents a personal or psychological adventure. We’re excited to see where you’ll take us!

Wordless Dialogue of Gratitude, Joy and Love

People usually think of written or spoken words between two or more people when they think of dialogue. However, this week The Daily Post challenge is to show photography dialogue where each photograph opens up to meanings that weren’t there when viewed alone.

The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven not man’s. — Mark Twain

What a difference ten months can make? I think he’s grateful.

Needless to say, these two bring love and joy. I think they both also are very good at having dialogue without words. Just look at their faces.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray (Feeling It, Entering It, Exiting It) 3

I think this little gecko was a little frayed when I chased him away from the worm bin that this frayed mat helps keep cool.

I know how he feels since I felt frayed when I entered the anti-bully fray. Eventually, I realized that I had to change my own views and support my child privately while continuing to encourage kindness and understanding even of the bullies. This change inspired my Special-Ism post, About Bullies: Bullies Are Human Too!

Yet, frustration with the slowness of society to change made me want to give up until I realized that I had to focus on peace and joy to find happiness again. The change has indeed brought joy back to our family and it has helped me to observe from afar how God continues to answer my prayers.

No, I do not feel the need to over share those answers; and no, changes have not happened as quickly as I would like. But, even our local politicians are finally getting the idea that they need to show compassion for the homeless and for all people less fortunate if they want to have support from the voters. It is refreshing to see the subtle changes. I am also grateful that the need for kindness is more openly talked about than in years past, and teaching kindness to our children is becoming more of a priority in many schools.

Mia’s grandpa taught me that there were good and bad people everywhere. I knew this was true. I hoped and prayed that there were more good than bad. I hoped one day people would accept others for who they were, not who they wanted them to be … Francesca Lung from Delightfully Different

Post inspired by The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge:

Share a photo of what “fray” means to you — it could be a tear in a favorite pair of jeans, a street rumble just about to begin, or a friend diving into an oncoming wave at the beach.