Many Kudos 19


I am doing my gratitude post because I do have things that I am grateful about even when things are not easy at the moment.

I am so proud of my son. He brainstormed and decided that he would help promote my book on his personal Facebook page. Not bad for a kid who is in middle school!  Here is what he posted:
“Autism awareness is something dear to my heart, to find out more go to copy and paste this as u’r status if u like it.”

I am grateful that this giveaway along with my book, Delightfully Different is part of Danette’s Best of Best Series, Edition 5. I am grateful to Amanda at Rage Against the Washing Machine and to Trish at In So Many Words for reviewing and running giveaways of my novel. I grateful to Kajoli at Floortime Lite Mama for reviewing my novel and interviewing me about it.

This month’s series is a giveaway bonanza in honor of Autism Awareness month in the United States and all invisible special needs. The series includes fifty reviews so it is definitely worth a look. Just click on the banner or the link in the previous paragraph.

I ask for your continued support of my family with your positive thoughts and prayers. I promise to actually try to read and comment on some of your blogs this weekend as I have been so consumed with a personal issue that I am very behind in doing this. I want all of you to know I am so grateful to you.

I also would like to request that you pray for Jen at The King and Eye and her little boy who is undergoing more medical procedures to determine his diagnosis. Her last news was not good.

Blessings to all of you for your understanding and support!



Reasons to be Grateful 16

I have put off doing my gratitude post this week hoping for something that makes me grateful.  Today I learned a preliminary MRI report indicates my brother’s cancer has not spread, so it hopefully is curable.  I am grateful for this and for my three brothers.  Yes, I am the baby.

Tonight I watched part of “The Kennedys” mini-series.  I am grateful that frontal lobotomies are no longer routinely done.  I am grateful that children are no longer institutionalized due to mental challenges.  I would still like to see more changes in the way people treat those with any differences, and I am hopeful that we will see more changes.

I mentioned my dream for the future in one of my December posts.  You can read it here. The last few weeks this has been constantly on my mind.  I want to see a world where people really understand how autism spectrum affects every aspect of life and how severe bullying along with being  misunderstood can cause problems even years later.

I dream of the day that children on the spectrum who are experiencing sensory overload or anxiety get the same level of support from their peers, teachers, counselors, principals, and everyone involved in their life as a child undergoing chemotherapy gets.  I hope and pray that day will come.  I am so tired of trying to explain to people how important this is, but I am grateful that at least more people listen now than they did four years ago.

I hope many of you will sign up for at least one book give away from Help! S-O-S for Parenting during the Book Review and Give Away for Autism Awareness for the April fifteenth Best-of-Best Series. The more people understand our precious children the better.  See my previous posts for more details.

Gratitude for Supportive Family and Friends 6

This past week I have not felt as grateful as I normally do for personal reasons.   Today I am grateful for my family and my blogging friends who reached out to offer support.  I am also grateful for the blue lights that many used to show support for Autism Awareness.  We turned our outside lights blue and we wore blue too.  Did you?  I know many of my blogging friends did because I saw their pictures on Facebook.

I am also grateful that President Obama wrote a formal proclamation making April second officially Autism Awareness Day from this day forward.

Grateful and Excited 18

Delightfully Different Book CoveToday I got an e-mail that made my day!  It was from the Recognition Programs Coordinator at iUniverse.  Here is a direct quote, “Congratulations Barnes and Noble has purchased six  paperback copies of your book to carry in their stores!”  The amount ordered is small, but I know authors who have worked hard to get in book stores and still haven’t made it yet; therefore, this author is thrilled.

I am grateful to everyone who went to Barnes and Noble to order the book and to those who told others to do the same.  I am also grateful to the iUniverse sales force for presenting my book to Barnes and Noble.

Next steps:

Call the local printer to get PDF of book event signs printed and ready to go.

Call the manager of my local Barnes and Noble to arrange a meeting and hopefully a book signing.

Finally, there is abundant hope especially if I can arrange to have a book signing by April for Autism Awareness month.