The Boy Who Fought Back 10

No, I am not posting this video.  Too many others have posted it already.  The boy from Australia who fought back admits he finally snapped from bullying.  He is not a hero, but he deserves understanding and compassion.  He had experienced repeated acts of bullying before this video went viral.

I certainly understand why he snapped.  I also get why so many think he is a hero.  I am proud of this young man for gaining control after he threw the bully.  He did not keep attacking the bully although he could have.  For the record, his father does not believe violence is the answer, nor do I.

You can see a video that includes the boy’s explanation of why he snapped, and comments from his older sister and his dad, as well as copies of doctored versions of the video that went to multiple countries, by clicking on the link below to Alan Eisenberg’s blog.  I hope you will comment at Alan’s blog and then return here.

Video of Boy Who Fights Back Against Bully « Bullying Stories.

What is the answer?  I still believe the answer is getting bystanders to help and I still believe schools need to reward them for reporting bullying and for standing up to the bullies.  I also believe the bully needs help so they can learn to treat others with respect.  We need programs that rehabilitate the bully.  They then need to give back by teaching the importance of respecting others to their peers as a form of community service.     

Books for a Meme 16

Today I am grateful for this meme and for Rachel at Journeys with Autism who doubly honored me by tagging both my book and me in a book meme.  I was grinning from ear to ear when I read that she likes my novel and then further down the post she tagged me for the meme because she knows how much I love books.  But alas I fell off the blog sphere radar was distracted this week.

Here are the rules for the meme:

1. Take a picture of the books you are reading currently and add them to your post.  (I am cheating altering the rules and including one that I recently finished.  I think you will be able to figure out why.)

2. Describe the books and if you are enjoying them

3. For every book you are reading, you have to tag one person.

4. Leave the person a comment letting them know you tagged them.

Here goes:  My books - Copy

I recently finished reading The Uncharted Path: My Journey with Late Diagnosed Autism by the afore-mentioned Rachel B. Cohen-Rottenberg.  It is an insightful gem which I highly recommend especially to those of you who are parents of girls on the spectrum.  You can find out more about it on her blog or at  Rachel, thank you so much for sharing your life with us!

Love and War: The Civil War Letters and Medicinal Book of Augustus V. Ball edited by Donald S. Frazier and Andrew Hillhouse and transcribed by Anne Ball Ryals, was my birthday gift to myself.  This book is actually about my family.  Dr. Augustus V. Ball was the brother of my direct ancestor.

There are two letters in the book from Augustus’ dad who was also my ancestor.  I have been skipping around the book because of family ties, but I love what I have found.  This book includes information from pre-civil war to its aftermath along with medical recipes for treating various illnesses.  I think today we would call him a naturopath.

Now you know my secret; I am a history fanatic buff and when I have that rare spare moment I get self-absorbed lost in family history.

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks is an enjoyable easy read about a young woman named Katie who has a mysterious past.  I am only half way through it, but so far it is entertaining and a good way to escape from reality for a while.  I always enjoy reading Nicholas Sparks’ novels.  It is my guilty pleasure.

May You Always Have an Angel by Your Side; edited by Douglas Pagels is a collection of quotes and poems about angels another of my favorite things.  I definitely believe in angels both in human form and otherwise.

So now you know!  I either focus on autism or escape it depending on my mood and how much time I have.

Now to pass on the fun I am tagging:

Suzanne atAutism Mom Rising because I know she is a very spiritual person.

Lisa at Karma Per Diem who is also a southern belle who loves books.

Kelly at Puzzle Piece Princess who certainly understands the need for more education about how autism affects our girls. 

Grace at Blessed Elements when loves reading, positive messages and angels as much or more than I do. 


Explaining Tsunami Causes, Fears, etc. 10

I do not know if CNN or Fox showed the video of the exposed reef on Oahu, but seeing the initial video scared me in a way I cannot even begin to explain.  This is my neighborhood.  I have walked along this beach with my children when they were small.  I have read stories that talk about the force of the waves that come in after the waves recede.  My home is not in an evacuation zone, but there are only five houses between me and the street where the zone ends.  A drainage canal that goes from the mountains to the ocean is directly behind my home.

The news caster mentioned seeing a pueo, a Hawaiian owl, swoop down near the water.  I have lived in this neighborhood for seventeen years and I have never heard an owl although I have listened for them at nighttime.  They are no longer plentiful in this neighborhood like they once were.  You can read more about the pueo and the role they play in Hawaiian legends by clicking on this link:

Pueo, The Protector – The Hawaiian Owl.

I found a very information article to explain tsunami risks that might explain further how and why this force of nature occurs.  You can click on the link below to read it:


A wonderful young woman, our former baby sitter, dog and house sitter, and daughter of our close friends is currently in Japan for a year of college study.  Thankfully she is okay.  My children attend school with Japanese nationals and others who have family in Japan.  Some of their classmates spend spring breaks and/ or summers in Japan.  Spring break begins here on the eighteenth of this month and some probably would have been there if this were just one week later.  The headmaster at my daughter’s school is there now, but he too thankfully is okay.

I hope all of you will continue to pray for those in Japan and forgive me for not commenting on other issues now.  I turned fifty-three on Saturday, but we kept the celebration small, just family as this week has already held too much excitement as I know my friends on the spectrum will understand.  I will return to my regular blogs later this week, but I need a break as I continue to pray for those in Japan and try to get my family back on schedule for Monday after our sleepless Thursday night.

Blessed and Grateful in Hawaii 24

Pictures from my camera 086 - CopyLast night was a sleepless night at our home as we gathered our water and checked our hurricane supplies in preparation for the Tsunami.  Yet, we are still very blessed.  While the first appearance of the bare reef off Diamond Head caused fear, Oahu only had minor damage to our boat harbors.  Maui and the Big Island had more damage, but still minor compared to Japan.

I am also aware of how fortunate I am to have so many people who care about me.  Many of my follow bloggers, old friends, and family reached out via Facebook and e-mail to offer prayers and/ or good wishes as they held my family in their thoughts.   My family called me first thing this morning to make sure we are okay.  I am grateful for all of those who reached out.

Hawaii is truly blessed as we were spared devastation from a Tsunami.  I know many of you have already seen footage of Japan.  I ask that you continue to send them prayers.  Many in Hawaii have family in Japan and many Japanese are frequent visitors here, so their loss will be felt here as well.

With Much Gratitude and Aloha,