Tribute to Mothers 14

I actually wrote a tribute to my mother in February which you can read here if you missed it.  She died over six years ago and I still miss her.  I can only imagine how much those who lose their parents at a young age miss them. What about those who bury their children?

Today, I also pay tribute to Phoebe Prince’s mom who faced those who tormented her child in court this week and who will spend her second mother’s day without getting to hear her beautiful daughter say Happy Mother’s Day.  Despite what must have been a very painful week for her she praised Ashley Longe, one of those who bullied her daughter, for meeting with her privately before the hearing and for showing true remorse.  You can watch the video of her confronting the bullies here

I also pay tribute to all of the other mothers who have lost their precious children to suicide following bullying in our schools.  I pray other children, parents and school administrators are paying attention and that changes are made in our schools and in our society so this stops before others die.  God bless the families for whom this is too late and God bless all of our children!