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From the Land Where Palm Trees Sway ©dswalkerauthor

From the Land Where Palm Trees Sway ©dswalkerauthor

From the land where palm trees sway, I want to share with you my dream for the future, as I wish each of you much peace and joy during the holiday season and throughout the coming year.  I hope and pray 2011 is a year of change, where people make an honest effort to be more open minded and really try to educate themselves about differences by reading books like Delightfully Different or similar stories that explain autism spectrum and/ or other differences.

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream and so do I.  I dream of a world where bystanders, parents, teachers, counselors, principals, and all people stand up to bullies and their parents and let them know it truly is time for change.  I dream of a world that is bully free.  I dream of a world where kindness is rewarded and more highly desired than a football championship.  Kindness, respect, understanding and acceptance should have a greater value in our society.  In the words of Tiny Tim, “God bless us everyone.”

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A blog hop started at The King and Eye has bloggers adding links to their very first blog posts.  So here is the link to mine,   You can click the Blog Gems to the right of my blog to view others. 

Just remember it is my first post and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started blogging.  Therefore, the first blog was short and cautious.  It’s hard to believe it was only three months ago. 

Higher Education Anti-Harassment Act Needed or Not? 7

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about the law itself; however, I do think that the laws currently on the books in most states need to be enforced by the schools and local governments.  This legislation is currently before congress.  There have been posts about it all over the Internet the last three weeks.  Some even imply that if it passes freedom of speech will be a risk.  I have not been able to find the exact wording of the legislation, so I cannot comment on whether this is truly the case.  I will say that I honestly do not believe that our ancestors envisioned our current world when the original Bill of Rights was adopted in 1791.  FYI, even then there were people who were not protected, i.e. slaves, women, those who did not own property.  Therefore, I am not sure that using freedom of speech as an argument to avoid protecting a group of people is valid.

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My understanding of this legislation is that it applies to places of higher education; therefore, it will not protect high school students or anyone in middle school.  I do believe if our current laws are enforced most states already provide laws to protect our children.  I would have thought these same laws would protect college students in state funded schools, but I may be wrong.  I also refer you back to my previous post, Accountability for Protecting Our Children, which I wrote on October 22, 2010 for more about protecting our children.

I would love to know what you think about this legislation or any other legislation that may be pending in your home state.  Do we need more laws or do we just need to enforce the current laws?  Is being mean protected under freedom of speech laws?  I do not believe it is.  If it is, should it be?

To Vaccinate or Not Causes Bullying 14

I have been trying to stay out of this one, but I think I am meant to write this, as it keeps “popping” Light bulb back into my mind, so here goes.  I think I understand both sides which I’ll explain.  That is why I was really trying to stay out of it.  I still am not going to give you a definite answer as to what you need to do.  However, this week this debate caused two groups of otherwise intelligent, caring, autism advocates, to behave like two children in the sandbox fighting over a toy.  One side resorted to an inappropriate posting of a picture on Facebook that further lead to more angry Angry smile postings on both sides and some very inappropriate threatening posts.  Thank God these were eventually removed.  I am all about bully prevention and using technology appropriately, so I just cannot be quiet on this one.  Otherwise, I would be the guilty bystander who does not speak up when they see bullying.       

Let me start by explaining why I think I see the two sides clearly.  First, I will explain why vaccines are important to me aside from the fact that I am a R.N. and my husband is a M.D.   My oldest brother died when he was only thirteen months old of what was probably pneumococcal pneumonia.  This deeply affected my mother and in some ways she never recovered.  It was the second premature death of a loved one for her, as her father died when she was only sixteen of tuberculosis.  Both of these diagnoses now have vaccines to help prevent them although the tuberculosis vaccine is not without side effects, so it is rarely given in the United States.  My mother’s outlook on life might have been different if the vaccines had been available for my grandfather and older brother. 

Now, I will explain why I understand the other side.  I have personally taken two different prescription medications that have been pulled from the market, and I took both of them from the time they were newly on the market until they were removed from the market.  Both might have put me at an increased risk for a stroke.  Members of both sides of my family have died from strokes, so I am now a lot more cautious about taking medication that is new to the market.  However, medication can and does save lives just like vaccines can and do save lives, so I do take medications when needed and I take my flu shot every year.    

I believe in informed decisions and patient choices, but I also know that for vaccines to really be effective everyone needs to be vaccinated.  However, I heard Jenny McCarthy talk on one of the morning shows a few months ago and I got the impression that she is not anti-vaccine.  She is merely asking that the FDA really verify their safety and that vaccines for babies and young children be spaced out more.  I can understand this especially given what I know of her son’s story.  Peace

So, why is there bullying going on and why do we need a public service announcement at the movie theaters Filmstripwhen this information has already been all over the news media and the internet? Computer  I really don’t get it, but I do get that bullying others only makes them angry and hurts your cause.  It seems to me that we should all be on the same side.  As parents, we also need to set good examples for our children.